VW Tiguan 2024: Will it be 100% electric?

The third generation of the VW Tiguan is taking shape and fulfilling development plans. New information suggests that the SUV, like the Passat, could already arrive together with electric versions.

How is the compact SUV segment presented? After the arrival of the new SportageTucson, or Qashqai, more models are already announced for launch in the coming months, with important new features. The unprecedented Peugeot 408, the Renault Austral, or the renewed Honda CR-V are just some of them. But we continue to see more updates and new generations that promise to raise the bar for the category by a lot.

Like, for example, is the third generation of the Volkswagen Tiguan. Scheduled to be presented during the next year, and probably launched on the market at the beginning of 2024, the SUV has always been the reference in the medium segment, although today it is commercially in low hours, falling back by more than 50% in its sales. . That is why, more than ever, its complete renovation is urgent.


As reported today by some international media, the new VW Tiguan would already be rolling in the testing phase. And, surprisingly, the first units that have been captured could be 100% electric based on their completely sealed grill and the absence of an exhaust pipe, a strategy of promoting new zero-emission versions that it seems that the next Volkswagen Passat will also adopt.

VW Tiguan 2024

Launched the second generation of the Tiguan in 2015, and renewed in 2020, the first images of the new SUV in development do not seem to modify the dimensions of the model too much, with a footprint similar to the current generation. This fact, as some sources indicate, could mean that it will be developed from the VW Group’s MQB Evo platform, already suitable for electrified versions, although other information suggests that it could also arrive based on the MEB architecture and as an exclusively SUV. electric.

Currently, the Volkswagen Tiguan is already available in a plug-in hybrid eHybrid version, with a power of up to 245 hp and a 100% electric range of 50 kilometers. From Germany, the main rumors would now suggest that this new SUV would be offered with a range combined with alternatives with combustion engines and other electrified options. This circumstance would make it stand out from the current ID.4, and already 100% electric SUV from the German manufacturer’s range.

In terms of aesthetics, a new SUV with a more dynamic and striking appearance is also expected, which will take many new features from those released in the ID family of electric vehicles of the brand. New wider LED optics will provide a more forceful and aggressive image, also significantly improving its aerodynamics. In this same article, we offer you our first illustration of what the VW Tiguan 2024 will look like, signed by our specialist Schulte.

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