VW Trinity: High Range & Fast Charging

A top VW electric car – that’s it! And that’s exactly what it will be. The VW Trinity should reflect the electrification of the future and set a new direction in terms of e-car vision. We still have to be patient, but the VW Trinity will come and become VW’s electric flagship. We have the latest information for you.

Volkswagen has announced a new all-electric flagship that will be equipped with the latest autonomous technology when it hits the market around 2026. Read on to find out more.

Volkswagen has revealed that it is working on a completely new flagship – the result of the so-called “Project Trinity” should be “innovation leader” at market launch. The series model is expected to be produced from 2026.

VW has published a new teaser picture of the upcoming electric car, but it still reveals very little. You can see that the car is long and low and will likely be in the shape of a four-door coupe. Imagine a more luxurious, electric version of the Volkswagen Arteon and you will probably be pretty close by now.

Although more details about the car itself remain a mystery, the manufacturer has outlined three main points about their Project Trinity.

VW Trinity

First of all, it says the car will be built on a new platform designed exclusively for electric cars that will serve as the backbone for more new vehicles. With the new electric car, VW also wants to set new standards in terms of range and charging speed, as well as digitization. What exactly digitization includes has not yet been further specified.

Project Trinity will also be crammed with autonomous technology. Volkswagen says it will be Level 2+ when it launches, which means features like driver monitoring and adaptive cruise control that assist your steering inputs are the bare minimum. The car will later be capable of Level 4. That would mean that the car can drive fully automatically. The different levels of autonomous driving indicate different autonomous skills.

Finally, Volkswagen plans to revise its plant in Wolfsburg to build electric vehicles “highly efficient and economical”.

Another teaser image showing a car under a virtual blanket has also been released. It seems to show that the car has a front section inspired by the Volkswagen ID.3, with bulbous headlights flanking a thin, continuous band of light, as well as a sleek, long body style.

Unusually short exterior mirrors on each side indicate that the new electric car will be equipped with rear-facing cameras that transmit live video images to internal screens – just like the larger Audi e-Tron.

It is still unclear whether the new car will be part of the ID. Line or whether a new model series will be launched. We will inform you about further news.

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