What should be considered before buying an electric car?

If you are thinking of buying an electric car, there are several things you should keep in mind to avoid making mistakes. With these simple tips, you will be more likely to make the right purchase and end up having a good experience. Some recommendations will help you when buying a new car, and many others that are also useful if it is second-hand.

An electric car has fewer components than an equivalent with a thermal engine, but there are several critical parts on which the car ‘is good, or not. Therefore, this is what you should know before buying an electric car…

The battery cooling system

It is essential to know the types of cooling in an electric car. And it is best to opt for a model that uses a  liquid cooling system. Why? Because this technology is more efficient and has greater capacities to always keep the battery at the ideal temperature. By doing so, you will simply make the electric car perform better when driving and also during charging, which may be faster. But, above all, a liquid cooling system will make the battery last longer and more kilometers without degrading and losing capacity.

The charging power in alternating current and direct current

Electric vehicles have an on-board charger, which works on alternating current, and a fast charging system that depends on the power inverter, and works on direct current. Yes, there are important differences between AC and DC.  It is important that you look at the charging power, and it is recommended that you buy an electric car that supports  100 kW, at least, in direct current.

Normally you will use the onboard charger, to charge the battery at home in a slower way and without degrading the battery. However, when you are going to make a long-distance trip, you will need a  fast charging system, and it is recommended that it be at least 100 kW. If it is of lower power, then it will take much longer to charge the battery and your trips will be longer and more tedious.

BMW iX1 system

Electric motor power

The power of the motor of an electric car is like that of a vehicle with a thermal engine, which determines the drag acceleration capacity –among other things- but also affects the efficiency of regenerative braking. The higher the engine power, the more capacity your electric car will have to charge the battery when you release the accelerator, brake, or, for example, go down a mountain road just letting the car fall due to its inertia.

The level of efficiency of the electric car

The efficiency of an electric car is given by many factors, but what you should pay attention to is the energy consumption, measured in kWh / 100 km. The lower the value, the more kilometers the car will be able to do for the same amount of energy stored in the battery. So take a look at this data, but also keep in mind that there are electric cars with an 800 V architecture, which is much more efficient than those with a 400 V architecture.

On the other hand, the air conditioning system of your electric car must be by the heat pump. It is much more efficient in both summer and winter. However, there are electric cars that have a resistance heating system. And in this second type, when we activate the heating in winter we notice that the autonomy drops drastically. So look for an electric car with a heat pump, which is much better.

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