Will the Tesla Model 2 be a miniature Cybertruck?

A few weeks ago, Elon Musk himself left some discreet statements indicating that the design of his most economical model would have a very different design than usual. Something that has gone somewhat unnoticed, but that reminds us of what was said at the time about the Cybertruck. A look that could result in a groundbreaking look that has been recreated in a render.

It has been the Italian edition of Motor1 that has dared to imagine what this vision of a Tesla Model 2 with a different design would be like, and where they have taken as inspiration the crazy appearance of the Cybertruck, adapted to a more compact body and a somewhat more urban.

The result does not leave anyone indifferent. Something that would fit perfectly with the comment made at the time by Elon Musk himself, when he said: ” When one of these comes around the corner, people will think that he is seeing something from the future .”

As we can see in the render, the idea is to borrow the straight and simple lines of the Cybertruck and apply them to a car with a somewhat more rational design, although very futuristic.

A format that will not only have an impact in terms of appearance, with a line that seems to take extreme care of the aerodynamic aspect, but can also offer advantages from the point of view of its production, simplification of processes and even opening the possibility to share production lines.

Tesla Cybertruck

On the mechanical side, we will surely not see a revolution there, and the Model 2, which Elon Musk has already said will not be called that, should receive versions of the propulsion system and batteries of the Model 3, which means a 53 kWh system, LFP cells and 250 miles of range in its most economical variant, to meet the ambitious price objective.

A proposal that will be placed below the Model 3 itself in terms of size, and will possibly arrive at a price that will be around 30,000 euros in Europe, which will represent a significant challenge to the competition, focused on compact models closer to 40,000. euros.

The question of deadlines now also remains to be known. Another key aspect is expected to involve building its factory in Mexico in 2024, launching mass production at the end of that year, and beginning exports as early as 2025.

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