XBUS Electric mini-van debuts a flirty camper version

The German company ElectricBrands has presented a very interesting camper version of its electric micro-van, the XBUS. Although this model was revealed in 2021, at the beginning of the year it was announced that its commercial launch had been postponed due to the accumulated delay due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Inspired by the aesthetics of classic vans like the Volkswagen T2, the XBUS is a heavy quad. It is barely 3.95 meters long, and it is expected to be available in eight different configurations (minibus, tipper, pick-up, van…). Each of these bodies may be associated with two types of chassis (standard and off-road).

All the XBUS will have an all-wheel drive since they will have a 3.75 kW electric motor associated with each wheel. The nominal power of this set will be 15 kW, although it can reach a peak power of 56 kW. As for the batteries, the vehicle will offer as standard eight modules of 1.25 kWh each, which will provide a range of up to 200 km.

Optionally, up to 30 kWh can be installed, which will triple the range to 600 km. Depending on the version chosen, it will also have photovoltaic panels with a surface area of ​​between 1 and 5 square meters. At the time it was announced that the rates would range from 17,672 euros in its cheapest version to 32,212 euros for the Camper variant with an off-road roof.

XBUS Camper

The XBUS is an electric quad

The CEO of ElectricBrands, Martin Henne, says that light vehicles will be essential for electric mobility to become popular. “We need strong and uniform subsidies at the national level for light electric vehicles. This class is essential for sustainable and successful change.

XBUS Camper

Instead of increasingly heavy and expensive electric vehicles, we need to focus more on lightweight, low consumption, and reduced parking space. We have good opportunities. The premium for light electric vehicles is not out of the question.” The company, which has several distributors in Spain, aims to manufacture some 30,000 XBUS units per year.

In Spain, the B1 license has recently been approved, which will allow those over 16 years of age to drive heavy quadricycles such as the XBUS. In recent times, some manufacturers have begun to be interested in this market niche, as electric quadricycles are an affordable alternative to the still expensive electric cars.

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