Xiaomi is having problems manufacturing its electric car

The popular technological brand  Xiaomi is having some problems to be able to manufacture its electric car. The license they need to be able to manufacture vehicles independently is experiencing a  significant delay compared to what they had planned. But it seems that  Xiaomi Auto, the company’s arm focused on the manufacture of electric vehicles, would have found the solution by keeping the BAIC production plant in Qingdao, in Shandong province.

In Cailian they report that  Xiaomi could have decided to keep the BAIC production plant in Qingdao. We know that the Chinese brand, known for the technology sector, could be in talks to buy this production plant to advance its intention to manufacture electric cars independently. They are exploring several possible options, among which would also be a partnership with BAIC Group to be able to produce electric vehicles. Now, another option would be to buy a part of Hyundai’s No. 2 production plant in Beijing. And all this comes as a consequence, as we mentioned, of the fact that delaying the arrival of its license to be able to produce electric cars independently.

Xiaomi is not being able to manufacture electric cars independently because they do not get their license

The association that Xiaomi is evaluating would happen to be manufactured in BAIC BluePark. It would be necessary to carry out some important improvements in the production plant to be able to dedicate it to the manufacture of electric cars, but it could be the fast track for Xiaomi Auto to start manufacturing its electric car as soon as possible. From BAIC they assure that ” they have no information about it”, but Bloomberg they assure that there are conversations that point to a  partnership between Xiaomi and BAIC so that Xiaomi can start manufacturing electric cars.

Xiaomi has had to face some problems regarding its electric car project because they need to obtain a  license from the National Development and Reform Commission, but they have not received it for months. Bloomberg also gave some details about this almost a month ago. And it is not a problem that has only affected Xiaomi, but some other new electric car brands in China, such as Li Auto and WM Motor, have gone through similar problems and have had to buy factories from other companies that already had the permits. corresponding.

Xiaomi electric car

The other option that the rest of the new electric car manufacturers have had to opt for is to associate with companies already established in the sector; It has happened to  NIO with JAC, just as the same thing has happened to Jido Auto with Geely. So, unless the situation changed at the last moment, Xiaomi would have to take exactly one of two possible paths: either buy a production plant with the corresponding permits or finally associate with another manufacturer that is already established in the sector.

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