Xpeng G3 EV-SUV land on European soil

Little by little, very slowly the Chinese manufacturer Xpeng is achieving its objectives. It first launched one of the most attractive and technological sedans on the market to the world. With the P7 sedan they have been able to catch up and even outperform Tesla and Porsche. However, a single model will not help them to grow and more when it is located in an unattractive part of the market. That is why they have created another that surely is more to the liking of the public.

We refer to Xpeng G3 EV-SUV, an all-electric road with a very attractive design. Its commercial life started a few months ago in China and it seems that it is being a success. That is why those responsible for the firm want enter other markets to make yourself known. Europe is vital, but the image of these manufacturers is not yet highly respected. Therefore, they have initiated a Pilot experience to sell the G3 EV-SUV Do you know in which country?

Norway is the first country in Europe where the Xpeng G3 will be sold

Xpeng G3

The first country in Europe to receive the Xpeng G3 EV-SUV will be Norway. This market is prone to electric and the proof is in its high market share. The reason for them to turn to them is simple, the government offers high incentives to purchase and an extensive cargo network. Therefore, it is not a bad idea to enter the European continent crossing a barrier that seems looser than Germany, France or Spain.

According statements by Brian Gu, President of Xpeng Inc …

“Long-term, if you want to be a successful electric vehicle company, you have to go global» […] “We are beginning the effort to build our presence, doing limited testing in certain markets and treating this as a very long-term strategy.”

The Guangzhou-based company has started this journey with 100 units of the G3 EV-SUV. To distribute these units the firm has partnered with a local distributor. According to Gu, they are still in the first installments of their European strategy but hope to increase them. Depending on its evolution will study its expansion to other European countries in the next twelve months.

He Xpeng G3 EV-SUV starting price stands at 358,000 Norwegian crowns, about 34,000 euros. Therefore, it would be in an intermediate position with respect to the few rivals with which it has to compete. We will have to wait for the results they achieve in Norway, as it will depend on him that we can see them in our country. Would you buy a model like the G3 EV-SUV? It looks good..

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