Zeekr arrives in Europe with affordable electric cars

The most luxurious Chinese firm of the Geely Group is already preparing its official landing in two very important markets, the United States and Europe. They will release a new model every six months. The landing of Chinese manufacturers in Europe is an unstoppable event. In 2022, brands such as XPeng, BY, MG, and NIO arrived on the Old Continent.

The deployment of forces is extremely threatening for a European industry slow to transition to electric mobility. Before the end of this year, a new firm will join the party, Zeekr. The most expensive and exclusive brand of the Geely Group has warned of its official presence on the continent and its strategy could not be more aggressive. The CEO of the company himself has confirmed it.

During a presentation of results, the head of the firm,  An Conghui, made it very clear that he intends to grow to look both east and west. “Zeekr is a well-established product in China, but it will expand rapidly in international markets, which has always been our original goal.” The figures in Asia demonstrate the good health of the brand. Despite their youth, in 2022 they signed a total of 71,941 units sold. They may not seem like many, but the goal is to grow to 650,000 registrations in 2025.

An exponential and accelerated growth that will have the help of new markets. By the end of 2023, they will present their candidacy in Europe and will do the same in the United States from 2024. In North America, they will have a more difficult time since the Zeekr will not be able to take advantage of the incentive program promoted by the Government. Their vehicles will not be selectable and that will make them less competitive. Even so, Conghui is clear about it and is determined to bet on that path. With Europe, everything will be more natural, although fame will not come overnight. 

Zeekr 001

Currently, Zeekr has two units in the family. On the one hand, there is the 001, a very attractive shooting brake sedan that, due to its size, is positioned as a direct rival to the Tesla Model S. Next to it, there is the Zeekr 009, an extravagant large minivan that has had the privilege of brand new CATL’s new Qilin batteries. Despite its immense size, 5.2 meters, and its high weight, 2,830 kilograms, it is capable of homologating a range in the CLTC cycle of 800 kilometers. It is more than likely, considering the situation of the MPV market in Europe, that the 009 will not reach our borders.

But two models called to focus almost all attention on the Old Continent. On the one hand, the Zeekr X is a very interesting electric compact that will start its commercial life in a few months. Among its many qualities, it stands out as great range, 512 km approved, and a quite affordable price, close to 25,000 euros in China. The big news will be the launch of a sedan that will have the Tesla Model 3 as its main rival. For now, it is known by the internal code CS1E, although no further details have been released at the moment. It will be presented at the end of the year as part of the launch strategy in Europe.

Zeekr 001

With a portfolio of three or four products, they do not seem to be enough to threaten the category of premium brands, but Conghui has confirmed that his strategy is to launch a new model every six months. All will rely on the versatile SEA platform of the Geely Group and the European incidence will have a great weight in the development. It should not be forgotten that Zeekr has a staff of 1,000 employees in Europe, most of them located in offices in Stockholm, Sweden.

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