Zenvo Announces a New Hybrid Model for 2023

The Danish manufacturer gave new details about its next vehicle, and confirmed its arrival on the market for next year

Those responsible for the Danish sports car manufacturer Zenvo have recently confirmed that in 2023 they will have a newly developed hypercar. The brand unveiled its plans these recent days in Monterey, where it has already received thirty deposits from future buyers. They thus confirm the news that emerged some time ago about the arrival of a new model in their catalog.

Those thirty orders are a considerable number for this small-run hypercar manufacturer. It serves as a reference that the sales of its first vehicle, the Zenvo ST1, presented in 2009, amounted to 15 units in the seven years that it remained in production. Currently, its range consists of three variants on the same model, the Zenvo TS1; the Zenvo TS1 GT, a grand tourer whose behavior is optimized for long road trips; the Zenvo TSR, a radical version oriented to the circuit and without the possibility of being registered to circulate on public roads; and the Zenvo TSR-S, a registrable version of the previous one.

All of them incorporate an eight-cylinder V-shaped engine, in different configurations and always with a power delivery of over a thousand horsepower. For the new model, which will arrive in 2023, Zenvo is working on a new twelve-cylinder V-shaped propeller, with double turbo and hybridization, which is expected to deliver between 1,500 and 1,800 hp of maximum power. It will incorporate two electric turbochargers, and it is estimated that this propeller will be able to rotate at up to 10,000 revolutions per minute, to deliver 1,200 CV before electric assistance.

The Danish manufacturer’s next hypercar has been developed from scratch and will incorporate a new twelve-cylinder V-shaped and hybrid engine, to exceed 1,500 CV of power delivered

It will be a rear-wheel drive vehicle and will mount a new eight-speed gearbox manufactured by Zenvo. As well as its chassis, which is also newly developed and typical of the brand. It is a modular carbon fiber structure, which is enabled to accommodate an entirely electric propulsion system, although the brand considers that customers still prefer combustion vehicles, and for this reason, they have decided to install the aforementioned V12 for this next hypercar.

They have also confirmed that different variants of the model will be produced and conceptualized in a similar way to its current catalog. On the one hand, there will be a grand tourer version, whose behavior will be optimized for the road and, on the other, a circuit-oriented version, which will be approved for driving on public roads –unlike the current Zenvo TSR–, and which will wear an aggressive streamlined suit. For this version, the Danish manufacturer has set a maximum weight target of 1,250 kg.

Zenvo TSR-S
Zenvo TSR-S

On the other hand, Jens Sverdrup, executive director of this Danish sports brand, has revealed that they intend to expand their range with the introduction of somewhat more accessible models – junior hypercar, according to the brand itself. For these models, located below the standard in its catalog, Zenvo considers the development of six and eight-cylinder V-shaped engines. The hybrid V12 that we mentioned above will in any case be reserved for its –senior– hypercar.

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