Cookies Policy

What are cookies?

It is a small piece of information sent by a website and stored in the user’s browser so that only the website that issues it can consult the user’s previous activity. There are similar technologies, such as pixels, tags, labels, web beacons, etc., from now on, and for this policy, they will be included within the concept of “cookies”.

What type of cookies exists and are used on the Websites belonging to Axel Springer?

Necessary Cookies: These cookies are strictly necessary for you to access the content you have requested. They help manage the technical aspect of the web and allow us to interact with it. Also, it allows us to measure the use that you make of the web users. We have ensured that this information is collected in such a way that we cannot directly identify any user.

Functional Cookies: These cookies allow our websites to remember choices you have made (such as the username – if there is a user area -, language or the region where you are according to your browser) and allow improvements and greater personalized functionalities. These cookies can also be used to track whether you have accepted the use of cookies or share our content on social networks.

Analytical Cookies: These cookies allow us to count the number of visitors to our website, store searches made or clicks, as well as analyze and measure the experience of users through statistical data. In some cases, we use third parties to obtain this information.

Advertising Cookies: These cookies allow us, treated appropriately by us or by third parties, to manage the advertising spaces of the website more efficiently, adjusting the content of the advertisements to the use made of our website. To do this, we will analyze your internet browsing habits and thus show advertising related to your browsing profile. Without them, the advertising displayed will not be personalized but will continue to appear.

Depending on its duration:

Session cookies: These expire when the user exits the browser and are deleted from the device at that time.

Persistent cookies: They expire depending on when the purpose for which they serve is fulfilled (for example, to know if you have consented to the use of cookies) or when they are manually deleted.

Depending on its origin:

Own cookies: These are those that are sent to your device from our Websites and are managed exclusively by Axel Springer.

Third-party cookies: Those that are sent by entities outside Axel Springer and that are activated when videos are accessed from our Websites, or when you click on advertisements.

Cookies sometimes generate unique identifiers, but Axel Springer does not combine these identifiers with personally identifiable data.

What Cookies does this website use?

In the Privacy Panel, you can see which cookies we or our partners use as well as their different purposes or functionalities. Likewise, the privacy panel includes a list of all our partners, partners, and suppliers, as well as a link to their privacy policy where you can find out the details of the treatment, as well as how to reject their use.

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