Privacy Policy

We are aware of the importance of the treatment we do of your data. Therefore, because they are your data and you must have control over them at all times, in this policy we explain clearly and simply who, how and for what purposes the personal data that you provide us will be used.

Do you need to provide us with any personal information?

No, you do not need to provide us with any identifying information to navigate the ASE websites.

However, if when you access an ASE website, you continue browsing or explicitly accept its use, we will use cookies that in some cases generate unique online identifiers for your devices. For more information regarding how we use this technology, you can access our cookie policy

Registration, subscription, or participation in our activities or services is voluntary, but if you do so, you must provide a valid email address that belongs to you and is up to date. In all data collection forms, those data that are mandatory or necessary will be identified.

For what purpose do we process your data?

  1. If you subscribe to our newsletter, we will process your data to send you periodic email communications that may include information about the magazines you subscribe to, content related to the information you request, and advertising of our products or services related to different sectors, described below *, as well as our partners also related to these sectors, but always related to your interests.
  2. If you register and create a user account on any of our websites, we will process your data to manage the services or functionalities to which said account gives you access, which will allow you to participate in the creation of content related to the website or to interact with other users and thus share interests.
  3. If you request your participation in any of our contests or raffles, we will process your data to manage said participation by the contest rules.
  4. If you participate in any of our surveys, we will treat your data in an aggregate way, that is, we will not be able to identify you individually and it will be used to improve our services. However, our survey providers may collect personal data. We always try to work with providers who are committed to privacy but be sure to read their privacy policy before providing your personal information.
  5. If you interact with us on social media, we may process your data by the privacy policy included in each of our social media profiles.
  6. If you provide your data on the websites of our partners, your data will be treated according to their privacy policy and we will only treat your data if you have requested to receive our Newsletter or commercial communications and we will do so as indicated in point (i).
  7. If you contact us to resolve any questions or queries or to obtain information, we will process your data to resolve your request.

* Sectors: publishing, automotive, computing, technology, telecommunications, electronics, video games, insurance, finance and credit, childhood and childcare, food, training and education, home, health and pharmaceuticals, leisure, mass consumption, personal care, water, energy and transport, tourism and travel, real estate, toys, textiles, NGOs and products/services for animals and pets.

In some cases, you may provide personal data for a specific purpose or in a specific section of the website. That is why you will be informed about the treatment using a specific informative clause.

For how long will we process your data?

(i, ii, iii) ASE will process your data as long as you do not cancel your subscription, your account, or your participation and it is still necessary for the purpose indicated above. In some cases, to ensure that your data is not processed, we will keep it as long as you do not request its deletion. For example: If you subscribed to the Newsletter and then unsubscribed, we will keep your email only to ensure that you do not receive any advertising communication from ASE or our partners.

(iv) We do not process your data for the management of surveys. You should read the policy of the provider that takes care of it.

(v) Your data will be kept according to the policy indicated in our profiles on the social network.

(vi) Your data will be kept according to point (i).

(vii) Your data will be kept until your request or actions derived from it are resolved.

What is the legal basis for the processing of your data?

(i, ii) The processing of your data is based on the consent that you must give by checking the corresponding box to accept the conditions for the processing of your data.

(iii) The treatment of your data is based on the execution of a contract whose bases you have previously accepted.

(iv) We do not process personal data, but our provider must inform you about it.

(v) your data will be treated by the legitimizing basis indicated in the privacy policy corresponding to the social network in which you interact and the one that we include in our profile.

(vi) your data will be treated on the legitimizing basis indicated in the corresponding privacy policy.

With whom will we share your data?

Your data will not be communicated or transferred to third parties without your consent, except legal obligation.

In some cases, we need our providers to process data on our behalf, but they will only use your data according to our instructions. For example, we need a logistics provider to send the prize draws or to send communications.

If you have registered on any of our websites and make analyzes, comments, or other statements that you make, you understand that they will be made manifestly public and that they will be associated with your profile (username, your description, and your social profiles).

Also, if you request the portability of your data, we will communicate it to the recipient that you indicate.

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