Huawei and Chery present an electric saloon

The technology giant Huawei and the manufacturer Chery have teamed up to develop an advanced electric saloon framed in the same segment as the Polestar 2 and Tesla Model 3. Although the name of the vehicle is still unknown (whose internal code is EH3), it is known to be sold under the Luxeed brand.

Defined as an “electric coupe” (although it is still a sedan for that reason), it is a car with an elegant and avant-garde design, with headlights similar to those of the Toyota Supra, a front devoid of a grille and a muscular side line. On the windshield, you can see the presence of a LiDAR for driving assistance systems.

The Luxeed sedan will be the first car to feature Huawei’s HarmonyOS 4 software. Everything indicates that it is based on the E0X platform, which is also used in some models of the Chery Exeed sub-brand. Therefore, it could use a battery pack of CATL origin capable of giving it a range of 700 km CLTC. This architecture also supports an 800-volt system, air suspension, and all-wheel drive thanks to the use of two motors.

Our protagonist will have the Huawei ADS 2.0 autonomous driving system, which can drive up to 200 km without driver intervention. Its hardware will be made up of the aforementioned LiDAR, 11 high-definition cameras, 3 millimeter-wave radars, and 12 ultrasonic radars.

The launch of the Luxeed “EH3” will take place at the end of the third quarter

It will also have the NCA (Navigation Cruise Assist) system, thanks to which a car can only drive in urban areas. After the launch of EH3, which will take place in the third quarter, this feature will be available in a total of 45 cities in China; Furthermore, Huawei plans to increase their number later.

Everything indicates that its public debut will take place during the next Chengdu Auto Show, which will open its doors on August 25. Its starting price will be around 200,000 yuan to euros (25,337 euros to change), so it will be cheaper than the Model 3… unless Tesla cuts its rates again with the arrival of its restyling, scheduled for September.

Given that Chery wants to expand into the European market (some of its first models in the old continent will be from Exeed), it would not be surprising if the Luxeed EH3 ends up reaching our roads in the medium term.

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