Jaguar will present a premium electric sedan this year

After the bittersweet performance of the i-Pace, Jaguar‘s first electric car, the British manufacturer in the hands of the Indian group Tata is preparing to make a new move that allows it to recover the ground lost in recent years. And the manager, according to rumors, will be an attractive electric saloon that will be placed in the upper part of the premium segment, and that will be presented this year.

Jaguar Land Rover’s new CEO Adrian Mardell and chief designer Gerry McGovern recalled how Jaguar had found success in the 1990s, particularly in North America, when its cars were more expensive and targeted a different demographic. richer than the one the brand has been chasing for the last 20 years.

A strategy that the brand now wants to continue hand in hand with a more exclusive range made up of electric cars that will flee from the price war started by Tesla and the Chinese groups, and which they hope will allow Jaguar to position itself in a part of the market with less volume. , but more profitable and stable.

The person in charge of shaping this new strategy will be the Jaguar GT. A high-flying four-door electric sedan will reach its first customers in 2025.

This will have an approved range of 700 kilometers and a price of about 125,000 dollars. Therefore, a truly premium option, with a price that seeks to place Jaguar in a higher segment again.

After GT, the brand will launch two more electric cars. Both were built from the same JEA (Jaguar Electric Architecture) platform and for which there is currently no information.

Jaguar XF

But everything indicates that one will be an SUV that will pursue Bentley’s proposals, such as the Flying Spur, or Rolls-Royce, and another that will be placed slightly below it due to size and price.

A shift in strategy that will allow Jaguar to position itself halfway between Porsche and Aston Martin or Bentley, and which, hand in hand with the brand’s usually attractive designs, can provide it with the place it has lost when wanting to enter higher-volume segments.

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