Jaguar will launch with three unique electric models in 2025

The English brand continues to work for its return in style. Next year, we will begin to see the first details of its new 100% electric stage with three unique models. We all know that the Jaguar brand is not going through its best moment. Those of Coventry have been sucking the bench for several years due to a bad launching strategy during the last five years. With outdated and lackluster products, Jaguar needs to revitalize its brand to stay alive. The English have given themselves a few years of hiatus to prepare their return in style as a 100% electric brand. The year marked in red is 2025, but, at the end of next year, we will begin to see the first signs of change. Three will be the models that start this new stage.

Over the last year, Jaguar has been keen to keep us informed of their plans. The strategy is, to say the least, risky. Paralyzing all activity for several years, four to be exact, to achieve a sudden return is playing a card. The cost of the relaunch is going to be stratospheric. Those from Coventry calculate that they are going to spend around 15,000 million euros in the next five years, but, according to their own words, “it will not disappoint” anyone. Now it only remains to confirm the size of such expectations.

Jaguar intends to cause a great impact with its new models and, for this, nothing better than first launching a car that causes as much expectation as illusion. If we talk in these terms, nothing is better than a highly powerful and performance GT capable of offering the best of the best in technology, design, and performance and finishes with up to 700 kilometers of autonomy. Jaguar’s management leadership wants to demonstrate the maximum of its qualities from the beginning and this electric super GT will have the difficult task of fulfilling it. At the end of next year, we will know the first advances.

Jaguar F-Type

Now, a high-performance GT is not lived. Jaguar wants to regain its position among the European premium manufacturers. Sales have fallen to historic lows and GT could cost hundreds of thousands of euros. This means that the English need something more than to sell to a more general public and, for that, nothing better than an SUV. Just a few weeks ago we learned that the Jaguar I-PACE was going to be discontinued early. The model will continue, but in a different way from the one we know. Jaguar expects to sell 4,000 units per month worldwide, with much of that volume coming from the SUV. 

Last but not least, the English have to show that they have not lost power when it comes to developing luxury sedans. As Autocar collects, Jaguar is already working on a direct rival for the BMW i7 and Mercedes EQS. It will be the third point of this initial attack trident. An electric Jaguar XJ must maintain the philosophy that has made the brand famous: design, quality, distinction, and comfort. It will rest on the JEA platform and its size will position it as the largest model in the house.

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