Jaguar and Land Rover to prepare 29,000 workers for electrification

Electrification is already present in the automobile industry, but it is striking that, except in official brand centers, and not in all of them, it is difficult to find where to carry out proper maintenance on an electric vehicle. Jaguar – Land Rover, a group that is very strongly committed to electric cars – Jaguar will be 100% electric in 2025 -, has detected this lack of specialized personnel in its plants, its network of dealers, and official workshops and for this reason, it has decided to train 29,000 employees to prepare them to design, produce and work safely with electric cars.

From the company, they consider that the majority of technicians and professionals in their dealerships should receive this training during this fiscal year to “solve skills gaps”. This need to retrain workers who once learned to work with internal combustion cars responds to a growing need for establishments capable of carrying out the maintenance of the new electric cars and is a matter that all brands will have to deal with soon.

This announcement by Jaguar-Land Rover also serves to calm the waters among its workers, who, like everyone else in the industry, fear that total electrification of the car park means less work, as less maintenance is necessary and, as electric vehicles have, Fewer moving parts to wear out. The British group thus guarantees the work of these almost 30,000 employees after the electric metamorphosis of the company.

From Jaguar-Land Rover they have pointed out that employees ranging from engineers to production employees and technicians will be trained “to specialize in electrified, digital and autonomous cars”. “Employees at all levels in the plants must be trained to ensure that they can work safely with high-voltage systems,” the company added in a statement.

This commitment to training workers is also due to Jaguar-Land Rover‘s need to increase its electricity production. At the moment, they only have the Jaguar I-Pace in their portfolio, but in 2025 this brand will only sell electric cars and in 2024 Land Rover will receive its first 100% electric model, so they must be prepared for that horizon.

Jaguar I-PACE
Jaguar I-PACE

It is not the only company that has started electrification training plans for workers to increase production. Last July, for example, Mercedes-Benz AG announced an investment of 1.3 billion euros until 2030 for the training and education of its workforce.

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