Tesla cuts the price of Model S and Model X by up to 17%

Tesla has just confirmed the new prices for the Model S and X. The sedan and the SUV have seen their rates drop by up to 17% today, in a new blow from the American manufacturer that leaves its main rivals very touched.

At the moment the changes only appear in the United States configurator, as usual, and then they will gradually spread to the rest of the market. One of the curiosities is that Tesla has eliminated the Standard versions that it launched just a couple of weeks ago. Some variants simply limited the capacity of their battery, but with a cheaper price that stood at $78,490, or $10,000 less than the Long Range variant.

Now, to no one’s surprise, Tesla has changed its rates again has eliminated this fleeting Standard version, and has substantially lowered the Long Range and Plaid. The Model S Long Range is priced at $74,990, which is $13,500 or 15% less than what it marked yesterday, and which places it even below the missing Standard variant. For its part, the Plaid version drops to $89,990, which is $18,500 less or 17% cheaper.

Same discount, $18,500, for the Tesla Model X, which in its Long Range option now starts at $79,990, while the Plaid variant does so at $89,990. Another important novelty is that customers can choose any color at no additional cost. Even Ultra Red, which would be an extra savings of about $2,800. As we remember, the Model S Long Range has an EPA range of 405 miles, while the Plaid stays at 396 miles. For its part, the Model X has an EPA range of 348 miles, while the Model X Plaid stays at 333 miles.

Tesla Model S

An announcement that undoubtedly, as usual, will divide those who are delighted because they were thinking of placing an order, and now they will have a more competitive price, and those who ordered a unit a few days ago, and who will surely not be very happy. But such is Tesla’s pricing policy, which can change in a matter of days, so take it or leave it.

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