Tesla finally officially unveils Model 3 Highland with radical changes

After months of speculation and leaks, the wait is over: the new Tesla Model 3 is already among us. Known internally as Project Highland, this profound restyling brings with it numerous aesthetic and technical innovations, which will allow the popular electric sedan to keep new-batch rivals such as the Hyundai IONIQ 6 or the Volkswagen ID.7 at bay.

At the front, the most prominent changes are found in the light clusters, which take on a sharper design reminiscent of the Model S. The bumper loses its characteristic “duckbill” ribbing, giving it a much sharper look. more sober All this translates into an improved aerodynamic coefficient (0.219). On the side, the only novelty is the new Photon and Nova wheels, 18 and 19 inches respectively.

The rear is more elegant, with wraparound C-shaped pilots. Following the example of other manufacturers, the Tesla logo has been removed from the trunk lid, and replacing it with the brand name. The range of colors is still made up of five options, although two shades (Ultra Red and Stealth Gray) are new.

The passenger compartment presents a further evolution, betting on an enveloping concept through the ambient lighting that runs through the doors and the base of the windshield. Tesla notes that the interior is now quieter thanks to the use of improved sound-deadening materials. The three-spoke steering wheel is new, and the steering column levers have been removed. The trunk holds 594 liters.

Tesla Model 3 Highland

Tesla Model 3 Highland Inside

The 15.4-inch touchscreen has a larger usable area, and a second 8-inch display has been added for the rear seats that integrate the climate control controls and the infotainment system. The front seats become ventilated, and the rear receives better padding. The sound system also improves, with nine speakers, a subwoofer, and an amplifier in the access model, and seventeen speakers, two subwoofers, and two amplifiers in the top-of-the-range variant.

Tesla Model 3 Highland

The dimensions of the car do not change much, although it is longer (4.72 meters) and lower (1.44 meters), as the ground clearance is reduced from 140 to 138 millimeters. The initial offering consists of rear-wheel drive RWD and all-wheel drive Long Range AWD versions. Later the Long Range RWD and Performance should be added.

Tesla Model 3 Highland

The Model 3 RWD homologates a range of 319 miles WLTP, while the Model 3 Long Range AWD reaches 391 miles WLTP. The consumption of the first stands at just 13.2 kWh/100 km, rising to 14.0 kWh/100 km in the second. Its range is reduced to 513 and 629 km WLTP if we opt for the larger tires.

The top speed is limited in both cases to 201 km/h. The RWD completes 0-100 km/h in 6.1 seconds and the Long Range AWD in 4.4 seconds. The chassis has also been revised, as the front suspension geometry has been modified to improve dynamic behavior and ride comfort. The side impact structure has been reinforced.

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