Maserati Grecale: First image of the new Italian SUV

Let’s take a look at the new Maserati Grecale visuals and details. The development and commercial launch of the MC20 has been a departure point for Maserati. The trident firm, which belongs to the FCA Group, needs to recover the land that firms such as Audi, BMW, or Mercedes-Benz have stolen from it in recent years. To do this, it has chosen to create an attractive range of models that is capable of stealing the hearts of a greater number of customers. And be careful, they could get it …

The official presentation of the MC20 has “opened the season” for Maserati to release new releases. One of the most anticipated has to do with the arrival of an SUV that is positioned below the Levante. We have already talked about it for a long time, but it has not been until now that we have known its name and something else. Yes, because part of its model has been leaked and we already know what the basic lines that will shape its body are.

Maserati Grecale
Maserati Grecale

We refer to the Maserati Grecale. This model has been in the plans that the FCA Group has for the Italian house for some time. However, the financial troubles he’s been through have set him back. Now, it is the firm itself that releases a teaser in which they show their official trade name and hint at part of the design that their range will wear. However, our friends at have made an even more valuable image.

A snapshot in which we can see the naked model of the new Maserati Grecale. This model, which according to those responsible for the brand has been developed entirely by them, should help Levante to increase the number of customers of the brand. However, a question arises that we still cannot resolve, will it be developed on the Alfa Romeo Stelvio platform or will it be a self-created base?

Maserati Grecale

If we take a look at the model, everything indicates that it could make use of the Giorgio base. However, the message that accompanies the teasers on social networks has a clear intention …

And if the final design is similar to what we see, its silhouette will have a strong coupe character. Now, it will be necessary to see if the mechanical offer and the quality of its interior are up to what its rivals offer. Its arrival is not scheduled until 2021 so there will be a very little wait. Taking into account these deadlines we will soon have new data, although if another leak arrives it will not make us very angry either.

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