Ford electric cars sales are not going as expected

Just a few days ago we learned that Volkswagen is suffering returns of electric cars due to lack of demand, and now it has been learned that  Ford is also having problems with its business around electric cars. The American brand, in the United States, is seeing its stock grow worryingly because, as a distributor indicates, they are manufacturing more electric cars than their customers demand. And among other things, this has to do with the fact that Tesla has lowered prices and is the one who is receiving the greatest demand.

Ford has a real problem on its hands, they have pointed out when explaining that the brand’s production capacity, in terms of electric cars, has exceeded the actual demand of its customers. During the second quarter of this year, the stock of the Mustang Mach-E, they detail, is more than double that of a year ago. And while the stock continues to grow at an incessant rate, and the units accumulate, the reality of the market for the American brand is that its sales have plummeted 21%. yoy Of course, the recent price drop that Tesla has carried out on all its models, and specifically on the Tesla Model Y, which is the one that competes with the Ford Mustang Mach-e, explains a good part of the problem that Ford has right now. with their electric cars.

Ford dealers reject the electric car due to lack of demand, but the brand will continue to insist even if the data is not accompanying

Ford has already advanced that it will maintain its strong commitment to the electric car regarding its million-dollar investments already planned. Until the year 2026, they have scheduled an investment of  50,000 million dollars that will be used for the development of electric cars. However, dealers – not all of them, of course – remain skeptical of the brand’s strategy. And besides, there are even some dealers who are rejecting the new models that are intended to be assigned to them.

Although the brand intends to improve its profit margins to 8% with its next electric cars, the situation that is being experienced in dealerships in the United States is a clear indication that  Ford may have to review its manufacturing target for the next few years. next months. Either they review their planned production and reduce it, or they will have to apply some type of discount to increase the demand for their electric cars, but at the moment they are having a  strong imbalance that is leading them to increase their stock of cars worryingly electrical.


Among Ford‘s plans is the launch of several new electric cars for the European market. In a matter of a year, by 2024, in Europe, they will have the Ford Mustang Mach-e, the  Ford Capri, the recently introduced Ford Explorer, and also the Ford Puma. They are the ones that will make up its electric range, in parallel to its industrial models also with fully electric mechanics. In this sense, the range will be completed with the E-Transit and E-Tourneo in different configurations.

Ford is so convinced of its strategy that by  2030 they already have scheduled the abandonment of thermal engines in the European market, which is where they will bet for the first time to become a  100% electric brand. There are still a few plans that are in the air, but they are not officially confirmed, such as the relaunch of the  Ford Fiesta as a fully electric model based on the  MEB Entry platform, which is the same that the  CUPRA Raval or the  Volkswagen will use. ID.2, among some other models within the Volkswagen Group.

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