Ford is in the final stages before launching its cheapest electric SUV

The new electric Ford Puma will become official in the coming months and will begin marketing at the end of next year 2024. Its specifications and characteristics are increasingly clear. Ford has in hand the development and launch of several 100% electric models for the coming years. They are finishing off certain areas of the Ford Explorer EV, the model they showed last March, and in the coming months, the already announced  Capri EV and the electric Puma will also arrive. Precisely on the latter, the company is focusing a good part of its efforts, since its commercialization is scheduled for just a year from now.

Along with the new electric variant, the Ford Puma with a thermal engine will also incorporate a facelift that will make both versions look closer. From the North American company, they are clear about what their main rivals will be: Peugeot E-2008, Hyundai Kona electric, or the Jeep Avenger, among others.

This will be the electric Ford Puma

In general terms, the new electric Puma is expected to have an updated design, especially in its front area (bumper, absence of grill, etc.). Its headlights will also have a renewed lighting signature, thus moving away from the one currently used by the Puma with a thermal engine.

Far from continuing with the trend already inaugurated by the brand to use the Volkswagen Group’s MEB platform for its electric vehicles, the Puma will be the exception, since it will continue to use the same architecture (although evolved) of the current model, which also uses the Ford E-Transit Courier, for example. Those that will use this platform will be the Explorer and the Capri.

Thanks to this, it was learned that the electric Puma and Courier will share a good part of their specifications, such as fast charging of up to 100 kW or a battery with around 55 kWh of storage. With it, it is expected that the electric crossover will have a range of approximately 450 kilometers. It is also expected to adopt an electric motor on its front axle with around 150 HP.

Ford Puma

In addition to these mechanics, the electric Ford Puma could make use of others that the company already has in its current catalog, such as that used by the large E-Transit vans, which would be between 180 and 265 HP. At the moment, this is nothing more than rumors without official confirmation, but it could lead to more performance or sporty variants of the Puma, such as the adoption of the ‘ST’ acronym.

The CEO of Ford of Europe, Martin Sander, stated in recent statements to Autocar that the Puma would be the spiritual substitute for the Fiesta, even in its electric version. The manager stated that this model will be on sale “for many years” after introducing the battery variant. This suggests that the updated crossover will remain on the market until the last years of this decade.

Once it reaches the European market, the electric Puma is expected to have a starting price of around 35,000 euros. An amount is located above the thermal variants and in a line very close to that of models such as the E-2008, for example.

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