Rivian confirms expansion plans in Europe

The North American manufacturer Rivian presented its first electric cars in 2021: the R1T pickup and the R1S SUV. A company that also makes vans for Amazon, and that has now confirmed that it will land on the roads of Europe starting this year.

At the moment it is not known which models will be in charge of opening the ground, but it is expected that one of them will be the R1S SUV, and later a new model, which is currently being developed, would do so. the R2, a more compact and affordable proposal that will be based on a new platform.

The new compact SUV should cost between 40,000 and 60,000 dollars before taxes, that is, between 36,000 and 55,000 euros. According to CFO Claire Rauh McDonough, the vehicle aims to compete with other high-volume electric models like the Tesla Model Y.

According to McDonough, the production of the new model is scheduled to begin in 2025-2026, with estimates that already in 2026 production will reach 200,000 units. A fairly ambitious goal that will require a significant effort since, as we remember, in 2022 only 24,337 units of the R1S and R1T have been manufactured.

But the R2 is not the only model that Rivian has in its planning. The company is also working on the R3. A proposal that would be placed halfway between the compact model and its older brothers, in a new product for which there are still no details, but rumors even indicate that it could completely depart from the SUV or Pick-up philosophy of the current range, and launch into the saloon or hatchback market.

Rivian R1S

A proposal that would mix the country aesthetic that has accompanied Rivian since its inception, in a more compact body, and that would even have room to position itself as an even cheaper option than the R2, with a target price of $30,000, which would also allow it to become a global model that pushes sales outside the North American market.

An R3 would arrive after the launch of R2, which brings us to a time frame of its presentation in 2025 and launch in 2027.

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