This will be the name of Ford’s highly anticipated new electric SUV

Ford will repeat the same recipe as in the recently presented Explorer for the European market. The company will partner with Volkswagen for its next electric car. The North American firm has known who to partner with in terms of the development of electric cars. Ford officially announced that the new Explorer EV, presented earlier this year, will use the Volkswagen Group’s MEB platform. Now it is known that the brand will use this recipe again for its next electric SUV model, of which we already know that its name will not be without controversy.

Ford has made many of its loyal followers of classic models raise their hands since the North American manufacturer has used names like Mustang or Puma in versions that have nothing to do with the cars that evoke such nomenclatures. In terms of marketing, it is a strategy that few manufacturers have dared to use. The next one to arrive will be called Capri and will spark the same controversy again.

This will be the Ford Capri

The new Ford Capri will have a crossover body that has already been seen in circulation in certain European cities with the convenient camouflage vinyl, as has been well reflected by the Auto Express media. Its aesthetics are expected to be rounded and softened lines, far from the more muscular shapes of the Explorer EV. In this case, its C-pillar will have certain similarities with some Volkswagen Group models, since it will be presented as a coupe-style crossover, very close to vehicles like the Volkswagen ID.5 or the Cupra Tavascan, for example.

Ford Explorer

We had its first image a few months ago when Ford published a first view of the electric models that would arrive at the European division in the coming years. Among the four cars presented, it can already be known that these corresponded to the electric Puma (which will arrive next year), the Ford Explorer EV, the Ford Capri, and, finally, the Ford Mustang Mach-E at the top of the list.

In terms of mechanics, it is expected to use a system of up to 335 HP powered by an 82 kWh battery, which will generate a range of more than 500 kilometers. There will also be more affordable versions with a single engine and up to 550 kilometers of range.

Its official presentation should take place throughout 2024, while its marketing would be scheduled for mid or late 2025. Since this model will be presented as the most dynamic and sporty variant of the Explorer EV, its price is expected to be slightly higher than that of this electric SUV. Specifically, the Explorer will begin marketing at around 45,000 euros, while the Capri EV should start at around 48,000 euros. With this starting price, its biggest rival in the current electric vehicle market would be the Tesla Model Y, as well as those already mentioned by the Volkswagen Group.

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