This car is better than Toyota Yaris Cross and at the same price

The Toyota Yaris Cross has surprised the latest sales figures in Europe, corresponding to October, by becoming one of the ‘top sellers’But of course, before it was the Toyota C-HR that took almost all the cake, and it has been a turbulent month for its older brother because they have made a generation change that has caused it to lose sales in the process. But you have to know that there is something much better than the Toyota Yaris Cross, which actually costs the same and not only has more power but also has an ECO label from the DGT and can be purchased with a 15-year warranty.

To put ourselves in a situation, the Toyota Yaris Cross is a small SUV with a 4.18-meter-long body that has a 390-liter trunk capacity and uses a hybrid engine with 116 HP of maximum power. This successful model currently has a price of 24,925 euros, and the alternative that I propose costs 25,050 euros. Come on, the difference is so small that that’s why I tell you that they cost the same, even though this alternative is simply better in everything.

Toyota Corolla is a much more recommended buy than the successful Toyota Yaris Cross

In the Toyota Corolla, we are looking at a conventional compact, which has a body of 4.37 meters, so despite costing the same it is somewhat larger. And be careful, because the difference does not seem to be very big but it is much larger inside, especially in the rear seats, and it has 361 liters of trunk capacity. Yes, okay, it has a little less trunk, but if you want more there is also a family body, and there, with its 598 liters of capacity, there is no possible complaint.

Toyota Corolla

Leaving this aside, the Toyota Corolla also has a hybrid engine, so both offer the DGT ECO label. The difference is that in the cheapest version of the Toyota Corolla we have a hybrid engine, yes, but with 140 HP of maximum power. In addition to that, by the way, there is also 180 HP, and the Yaris Cross is sold only in the 116 HP configuration. This is not bad, but given that we are spending 25,000 euros, I’m already telling you that this model is better for everything I’m telling you.

Both have a consumption of around 4 L/100 km, so they are the best that can be found on the market in terms of efficiency. And both have the same e-CVT automatic transmission, which is ‘anti-comfort’ by definition, due to the terrible user experience that this type of transmission offers and the amount of noise it produces. Still, it is a functional, efficient, and reliable change. Of course, in the Toyota Corolla, we have better cabin insulation, and in the Yaris Cross, this point is simply ridiculous for a brand with such a track record.

And in case you didn’t know, Toyota is the only brand that offers a 15-year warranty, as long as we pass the inspections to one of the workshops in its official network. Until the arrival of this extended warranty from the Japanese brand, KIA was the most prominent with its 7-year warranty and it was surprising that MG matched the bet with 7 years as well. In this sense, again, both the Yaris Cross and the Corolla are reliable and have the best warranty that can be found in the new vehicle market. But, if you trust my experience as a car tester, the

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