This hybrid car is much better than the Toyota C-HR and €4,000 cheaper

Its previous generation was squeezed to the limit, it remained with very inflated prices compared to those of its rivals and, even so, the reality is that it was a real success in sales. The same thing will surely happen to the new one, but the reality is that the Toyota CH-R 2024 is not the best purchase option by any means. There is an alternative that is better in practically everything, that has a price of €4,000 cheaper and that is also sold with a remarkable 7-year warranty. And no, don’t get confused, because it is not ‘one of those Chinese cars’ that has an out-of-market price.

The model I’m talking about is the KIA Niro hybrid, an option with a 4.42-meter-long body that far exceeds the 4.35-meter measured by the newly released Toyota C-HR 2024. This difference in the exterior measurements is what explains why the KIA model has better rear seats and, in addition, also offers more cargo capacity in its trunk. It has a huge trunk capacity of 451 liters and, however, the Japanese are satisfied with only 358 liters which makes it a less interesting option for intensive family use.

The KIA Niro is much better than a Toyota C-HR 2024

If the KIA Niro is not much more successful, it is for the simple reason that KIA also has the Sportage, which is the ‘flagship’ within its SUV range and, in reality, is a frankly similar model but with somewhat higher figures in regarding trunk and mechanics, among others. Now, if we are considering something like the Toyota C-HR 2024, the reality is that this KIA model also has a 141 HP hybrid engine which, of course, is perfectly on par with the Toyota’s 140 HP hybrid engine. C-HR.

Kia Niro

I will tell you that I like the KIA’s hybrid engine better, even though Toyota has extensive experience in this type of engine because it is combined with a dual-clutch automatic transmission while the Japanese uses an eCVT transmission. , those who have tried it, as is my case, will know that it is a crude, clumsy, slow, and noisy change, although it is true that it has very simple maintenance achieves great efficiency, and keeps gasoline consumption very low.

If we focus on specific prices, the Toyota C-HR 2024 can currently be purchased for at least 31,750 euros, which corresponds to the 140 HP engine. Compared to this option is the KIA Niro hybrid, which offers its 141 HP hybrid engine, also has the ECO label from the DGT, and, however, costs 27,300 euros. Yes, it is cheaper despite using a much better transmission, offering larger rear seats, and having a larger trunk. But I also have a little ‘surprise’ saved for you at the end.

In the KIA Niro range, there is a 100% electric version that uses a 204 HP motor together with a battery with 65 kWh energy storage capacity and promises 463 km of approved range. Which is already a good range, of course. Well, the fact is that this version, which has the DGT Zero label, can be purchased right now for 30,700 euros. Come on, it is still cheaper than a Toyota C-HR despite being 100% electric, while the Toyota model uses a hybrid engine and is not, nor will it be, available with a pure electric motor.

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