Three models are much better than the best-selling hybrid SUV

The Toyota Yaris Cross has indeed become, and also with a significant difference in its figures, the best-selling SUV in its segment. It is also the best-selling hybrid SUV. This could lead us to believe that it is the best in its category, but the reality is that this is not the case, and there are no less than three models that surpass it in practically everything. Furthermore, there is one of them that is even cheaper and, even though it costs less, among other things it surpasses it in power. There is nothing like knowing the market well to know what the alternatives are and buy the best, without getting carried away by trends.

Let’s start by getting to know the Toyota Yaris Cross well, which is an SUV with a 4.18-meter-long body with a modern and frankly attractive design, a 390-liter trunk capacity, and outstanding plug-in hybrid mechanics. This engine, by the way, develops 116 HP of power, which is enough for what it weighs and measures. However, its rivals have 141 HP and 145 HP, so the reality is that the Japanese model is far behind the alternatives available on the market and in a similar price range.

Has more power and other benefits than the Toyota Yaris Cross

There is something very criticizable about the best-seller, which as I told you is the Toyota Yaris Cross, and there are three specific aspects. One is that its soundproofing is regrettable and aerodynamic and mechanical noise sneaks in exaggeratedlyAnother is that its e-CVT transmission is probably the most unpleasant to drive that can be found, although it stands out for its efficiency and makes it have very low consumption. And the last thing is that, as always, Toyota is far behind in multimedia technology compared to its rivals.

Renault Captur E-Tech Hybrid

One of the alternatives is the hybrid Renault Captur, which compared to the 24,925 euros that the Toyota Yaris Cross costs, improves the bet from 23,700 euros and, on top of that, offers a 145 HP engine. What is true is that the Renault model falls short of trunk space, because it only offers 305 liters, and in this regard, the Yaris Cross is a better option. Now, the Renault Captur is more pleasant to drive, more powerful, very efficient, and has frankly superior multimedia technology. And all this being cheaper than the ‘top sellers’ of the category.

kia niro phev

Going up a little in price we have two other models much better than the best-selling one. They are the hybrid KIA Niro, which is already a 4.42-meter-long SUV. A much larger option, but still below the C segment models, which starts at 27,300 euros with a hybrid engine with 141 HP of maximum power and an outstanding trunk capacity of 451 liters. Its cabin has much more advanced technology and also has a dual-clutch automatic transmission, so it is an alternative that leaves the Toyota Yaris Cross in the shadows in absolutely every aspect.

Hyundai Kona

The other great alternative to the successful Toyota Yaris Cross is the recently released Hyundai KONA hybrid. Yes, again, it is more expensive and starts at 28,740 euros. But it measures no less than 4.35 meters long, has a huge trunk capacity of 466 liters and, on top of that, far exceeds the power of the Toyota Yaris Cross with its 141 HP hybrid engine. The level of efficiency of this model with this mechanism is extraordinary and, again, with a pleasant dual-clutch automatic transmission.

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