According to data Toyota’s cheapest and least fuel-consuming car

It also has SUV shapes that make it much more attractive than other similar cars on the market. Very low consumption is one of the great advantages that hybrid cars bring to the table concerning their namesakes powered by pure gasoline or diesel engines. For this reason, they have also become one of the most successful options in the commercial section in recent years.

In Hybrids and Electrics, as our name indicates, we only deal with news and highlight facts related to this type of car, but on this occasion, we are going to break a spear for a car that is neither electric, nor hybrid, nor plug-in hybrid, but which is powered by a very low consumption gasoline engine both in the approval cycle and in real use circumstances. So much so that the OCU  (Organization of Consumers and Users) has highlighted it as the gasoline with the lowest consumption in this report.

This is the Toyota Aygo In fact, they are only two-tenths more than its range brother, the Toyota Yaris Electric Hybrid, which is the most affordable hybrid car on the entire market since it arrived on the market.

The Aygo achieves these good records thanks, above all, to its lightness. It is a very light car: it weighs only 1,019 kilos and, in addition, its structure and body rest on thin 175-millimeter wide tires, so it barely has any part in contact with the asphalt to drag.

Toyota Aygo X

Another aspect that has a direct effect on consumption is, of course, that its engine has very contained power. We are looking at a block with only 3 cylinders and 998 cubic centimeters. It is atmospheric breathing and achieves 78 HP. For this reason, it achieves discreet performance: 0 to 100 is done in almost 15 seconds and its maximum speed is 158 kilometers per hour.

The latter makes the Aygo X, together with its size, a car with an urban conception. It measures 3.7 meters in length, so it is a segment A passenger car. Even so, it is capable of offering four seats (the two rear ones are relatively spacious) and a cargo volume in its trunk of 231 liters:  small, but correct and solvent for its size and sufficient for what is expected from a car for eminently urban use.

Concerning its rivals, it also has a very strong advantage in the aesthetic section, since in its update the model has mutated slightly towards the shape of an SUV: it has a marked ground clearance, protections on the bumpers and steps of wheels marked in plastic, achieving that muscular and in a certain sense adventurous aesthetic that characterizes this type of car.

Currently, the Aygo X has a starting price of 14,999 euros, being the cheapest model to purchase in the entire Toyota range in Europe. It is because, sports aside, it is one of the few non-electrified cars in its range, which are mostly conventional hybrid cars.

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