Toyota launches affordable small SUV with low fuel consumption

Toyota is a manufacturer that stands out above the rest for reliability, but also for its hybrid mechanics. And yes, of course, its offroad range is something it can boast about. But it’s not the only thing they offer. And now it seems that they have woken up – to a certain extent – and are beginning to apply a more aggressive commercial strategy, adapting to the price drops of some models that are increasing their sales due to supply. The Japanese brand is targeting cheap cars and has done so with a reduction of 4,150 euros leaving its ‘low cost’ model available for only 14,050 euros. And yes, it is a model that is worth it.

Toyota has had to react because we have already seen that FIAT has dropped its prices in the access range and now you can buy a Panda for 9,350 euros with an ECO label, the FIAT 500 is available from 10,950 euros and, above, the FIAT 500X tries to face the unstoppable MG ZS with a price of at least 18,150 euros. Well, it seems that Toyota also wants to confront the Dacia Sandero, and these ‘low cost’ Dacia models, among others, and has just given a huge discount to its most interesting cheap car. We are talking about the Toyota Aygo X Cross.

Toyota Aygo X Cross, with a price starting at €14,000 with a super-efficient engine that consumes very little fuel

It is a small car, of course, but it is more practical than a FIAT 500 – plus it is much more modern –, it comes with very good equipment included as standard and it also has a great advantage that its engine uses very little gasoline. Of course, its biggest problem is that it does not have any type of electrification and, therefore, it is not available with an ECO label from the DGT.

Toyota Aygo X

It fits between the options that we mentioned, such as the FIAT Panda, the KIA Picanto, the FIAT 500 itself, or the Hyundai i10, among others. And it does so with a gasoline engine with 72 HP maximum power. Yes, it may seem low on power, but with this engine, the Toyota Aygo X Cross offers good performance, especially in urban use, and above all, very low fuel consumption. So not only is it a cheap car to buy, now that it is available at a minimum price of 14,050 euros, but it is also a cheap car to maintain due to its consumption.

It is indeed a somewhat more expensive car than options like the FIAT Panda, but we must also recognize that it has very good habitability in the rear seats and that, as we said, it is a much more modern model. Among other things, it has better interior finishes and slightly more advanced technological equipment. Now, if you let me give you some advice as a car tester, the option I would opt for is the FIAT Panda for the simple reason of the ECO label from the DGT, which is becoming more and more essential.

Compared to the 269 liters of trunk capacity that the Toyota Aygo X Cross has, yes, the Panda has a smaller trunk that remains at only 225 liters of capacity. This makes it somewhat less practical, given that they measure practically the same – the FIAT Panda is 3.65 meters long – and that in terms of power, they are also very similar, because the Italian model develops 70 HP of maximum power.

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