Audi is working on an electric sedan that will compete with Tesla Model 3

One of Audi’s most emblematic models will get a fully electric variant sooner than initially estimated, to stand up to models like the Tesla Model 3 or the BMW i4. Within the Audi range, several models could be listed that are highly demanded by its customers. However, most would agree that the A4 would be at the top of this ranking. Much has been rumored in recent months about the arrival of a 100% electric A4, something that rumors placed on the market for the second half of this decade. However, new information ensures that its commercial date is brought forward to just over a year.

Those from Ingolstadt are determined to present an e-tron variant of all the models in their range. So much so, that in 2026 they will launch their last model equipped with a thermal engine. At the moment, no official dates are known for the arrival of some of them, although new information published by Autocar media has revealed the arrival of an A4 e-Tron throughout 2025.

Electric access saloon

Until the arrival of a possible fully electric Audi A3 Sedan (if it arrives), the new Audi A4 will be the access model to the firm’s electric sedans. The new electric Audi A4 will retain this nomenclature (with the even number) and the thermal variant will adapt to the company’s new specification, where these models will be baptized with an odd number, so its name will become Audi A5.

Once these changes are exposed, what will the new electric A4 bring with it? Oliver Hoffmann himself, the brand’s technical chief, recently assured that Audi’s next electric models would adopt a new platform, which will mean that “they will have large proportions, which makes our designers very happy.”

Audi A4 Sedan

Among its main aesthetic characteristics will be short overhangs, low bodywork, and elegant, minimalist, and spacious cabins. The differentiation between the electric Audi A4 and the thermal Audi A5 will be evident mainly due to their exterior appendages.

Little is officially known about its mechanics, although the rumors are becoming clearer in this regard. The brand hopes to release a new 100 kWh capacity battery for the Audi Q6, which could also reach other models in the non-SUV range. However, the electric A4 should have a lighter weight than the aforementioned SUV, which is expected to obtain a range of around 700 kilometers. It will be equipped with an 800-volt architecture with which it can recharge at a maximum power of 270 kW.

Beyond that, there is also talk of possible sports versions. The Audi A4 will arrive with an access version called 45 e-tron, with rear-wheel drive, and a 55 e-tron, with all-wheel drive and two electric motors. Above both, the existence of a more than likely S4 e-tron is already expected, which would reach a power of 510 HP, while, a little later, a so-called RS 4 e-tron could also arrive.

At the moment, there is not much more information about what will be the entry sedan to Audi’s electric range. However, if the forecasts come true and arrive in 2025, the first more accurate information and rumors about the model will begin to arrive months before.

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