Three new affordable cars worth waiting for in 2024

Next year 2024 the arrival of at least three new models that will enter to compete in the market by price is expected. That is to say, that perhaps they are defined by many other interesting things – as we will see below -, but without a doubt the greatest attraction that they will have is their lower price than that of their rivals. And if the information we have received so far is true, without any doubt it is worth waiting until 2024 for them to buy a new car. And attention, because they are options for everyone. One is a utility, another is a subcompact, and another is a good-sized SUV.

To this day, the Dacia Sandero is one of the favorite models of Europeans, and it is for no other reason than its low price. Well, during the next year 2024, the arrival of the new MG 3 is scheduled. It is not yet known if it will be called that or not, but it will be a direct rival to the Dacia Sandero with a much more attractive design, very similar dimensions and much better equipped as standard. At least it will have air conditioning in all its versions, which is something that the Romanian model cannot boast of. In addition to that, according to the most recent leaks, this new MG 3 2024 will have a mild hybrid gasoline engine.48 V to have the DGT ECO label.

MG 3, BYD Seagull, and MG ZS are the new cheap models for in 2024

Another big launch expected in Europe in the coming year 2024 is the BYD Seagull. It has been on sale in China for several months now and has a price there of less than 10,000 euros. In this case, we are talking about a small electric car that is slightly larger than the Dacia Spring and, above all, that is much better in terms of performance. It is a model with more power than the cheap electric Dacia and, in addition, it has better range. Of course, it is hard to believe that it can cost so little in Europe. The most normal thing would be for its price to rise in the Old Continent.

Both the 2024 MG 3 and the model we just talked about the BYD Seagull, may pose a major problem for Dacia, which has long played solitaire in Europe as the ‘low cost’ option. The competition is getting tougher for the Romanian brand which, by the way, will also introduce the Dacia Spring 2024 over the next year. And without a doubt, if they maintain such competitive prices, but improve their power and range, it can also be a very good purchase option.

byd seagull

Now, of those that concern us in this article, perhaps the most powerful launch of 2024, in terms of ‘low-cost’ models, is the MG ZS 2024. Which will be a restyling of the current model with a more modern and sporty design. But it is also going to introduce a substantial improvement in the interior, especially in technological equipment, according to the most recent leaks. And that the most important thing that it will bring is hybrid mechanics.

The hybrid engine in the MG ZS 2024 is by far the most likely to hurt its direct rivals. As of today, this model is the sixth best-selling in Spain, and that is only sold with a conventional gasoline engine without electrification or, directly, a 100% electric version that significantly increases its price. So this hybridization system can multiply its sales and, above all, make it appear as an alternative to models from other manufacturers, such as Toyota.

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