The highly anticipated SUV of 2024 will be cheaper than hybrids

The European market needs cheap cars, electric or not, and it shows every month that the Dacia Sandero is the best seller. Well, by next year 2024 we already know that a new SUV will arrive that will indeed be focused on being the cheapest model in its category. And really, your key point to becoming a sales leader is going to be in your engine. Because? Well, because it will be a hybrid, and until now this model had not been available with a hybrid engine, but exclusively with a ‘lifelong’ gasoline engine.

The model we are talking about is the MG ZS, which is indeed already on sale, but today it is marketed with a gasoline engine. At the moment it can be bought for 13,990 euros only, but with 1.5 VTI-tech engines with 106 CV of maximum power and 1.0 TGDi with 111 CV. And it also has an electric version, yes, but much more expensive. The public has been crying out for a hybrid version for some time as an intermediate step and it is precisely what will arrive in 2024, the new MG ZS 2024 with a hybrid engine. But what do we know about him right now?

The MG ZS will arrive in 2024 with a hybrid engine

Right now the MG ZS is already an excellent purchase option and, above all, it is a much cheaper car than any of the alternatives with which it can be compared. But if there is something for which it stands out especially, it is because it comes with much more standard equipment than its rivals. And during the next year 2024, we already know that what will arrive is an MG ZS 2024 that will be a restyling of the current model, among other things, with strong aesthetic changes and a substantial improvement in its equipment.

Yes, the most important thing will be the introduction of a new hybrid engine, which will finally have the DGT ECO label. However, this restyling of the MG ZS will also bring a change in the front optics, with a more modern and sporty style, and a revision of the front bumper that will follow the same idea. The taillights are expected to change their lighting pattern, but not their overall shape itself, and the rear bumper will also be updated to modernize the MG ZS’s aesthetic.

Along with the previous innovations, new body colors will arrive as new wheel designs. In the cabin, a small design change is expected, accompanied, above all, by more and better technological equipment. Among other things, a larger and more modern screen, and a new instrument panel that houses information on the operation of the hybrid system in real-time. In this, who should be most concerned is Toyota, because as we already know they are the clear leaders in hybrid mechanics.

MG ZS interior

The MG ZS 2024 in hybrid version will seek to position itself as a cheaper option than its competitors. A starting price of around 17,000 euros, for example, would undoubtedly be something possible for the brand of Asian origin and something that would leave its competitors in serious trouble. Segment B models do not have a hybrid engine, practically none of them, and segment C models are considerably more expensive than an MG ZS. What will have to be seen is what type of hybrid motor is introduced in this model, but we can almost guarantee that it will be above 120 CV, marking a higher point than the thermal versions that are already available today.

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