Tesla launches updated Model Y, there are many improvements

The Tesla Model 3 Highland was recently launched, a huge change for the brand’s  ‘small’ sedan, and now, by surprise, the new Tesla Model Y 2024 has just been introduced. An update for the electric car that sells the most – and by far – in Europe, but it is still not the  ‘Juniper project’ that we expect. The new version of the  Tesla Model Y comes with key changes, and important improvements, and, again,  without increasing the price concerning the rates it has maintained until now. The cabin has been updated in many sections and the features it offers have also been improved, to put it even further ahead of its rivals.

The new  Tesla Model Y 2024  has a configurable RGB ambient lighting system, with 256 different colors, which is the same one that we have already seen in the new Tesla Model 3 Highland. This ambient lighting system runs through the entire dashboard, which, by the way,  has changed its designTextile materials have been introduced on the dashboard of the new Tesla Model Y for a different and improved finish. In addition to this,  new 19-inch wheels have also been introduced that abandon the silver color and adopt a  black color. Again, a novelty that makes the Tesla Model Y more similar to the recently introduced Tesla Model 3 Highland.

It’s a big development for the Tesla Model Y, but it also brings bad news

Along with the important changes to the interior, and the small innovations in its exterior design,  the Tesla Model Y has improved its performance. Now, according to the data declared by the brand,  it accelerates from 0–60 MPH in 5.9 seconds. It is not a big difference, but it is a small increase in performance that specifically affects the standard version of the Model Y. However, both the Long Range and the Performance remain the same as before in terms of performance.

Tesla Model Y

The best news of all is that the prices remain the same. Once again, despite improving its product,  Tesla does not raise prices. The bad news is that at the moment it is exclusive to China, it is only manufactured with these changes in the Shanghai plant, and not in the European or American plant. However, it is to be expected that these new features will also end up reaching Europe soon. In line with this, another bad news is that at the moment the Tesla Model Y Juniper has not arrived, which will bring with it a great design change and many technical improvements following the line of the renewal that the Tesla Model Y Highland has represented.

Tesla Model Y

Right now,  Tesla is very focused on reducing production costs specifically on the Tesla Model Y, after having done the same with the Tesla Model 3 Highland. This model, the Tesla Model Y, is a  critical model for Tesla in Europe because, in fact, today it is the best-selling car. So, in reality, it is quite strange that the improvements and innovations we are talking about are not yet going to be applied to the units that are manufactured and marketed in our country.

Going back to what we mentioned about the  Tesla Model Y Juniper, which will still take some time longer, everything indicates that it will adopt a  new, sportier design along the lines of the Tesla Model 3 Highland and that it will arrive with greater efficiency. That is, thanks to optimized aerodynamics and improvements to its engine, it will allow greater range than the current version of the model. And the cabin will also be renewed, as in the Model 3, to offer greater quality.

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