BMW confirms that it will keep its cheapest car alive

In recent weeks, rumors about BMW’s future electric range have increased. It is now known that one of the most beloved models in the range will continue to live on in the form of a ‘zero emissions’ vehicle. BMW continues to work in the final stages of development of its exclusive Neue Klasse platform for electric cars. So much so that the company recently confirmed that in the coming years, every one of its vehicles will have an electric variant supported by this aforementioned platform.

One of the models that has generated the most doubts in recent months has been the continuity of the BMW 1 Series. In its last generational renewal (the current one) the model introduced elements such as front-wheel drive or a renewed design, something that caused the model not to enjoy as widespread a reception as its previous generations. Due to this, there have been many rumors about its cancellation for future renewals, as well as a possible 100% electric variant.

BMW will continue with the 1 Series

A few days ago it was published that BMW had plans to develop a hypothetical spiritual substitute for the mythical i3. Rumors are increasingly bringing this aforementioned future model closer to a new generation of the brand’s current compact. Specifically, it was now Ilka Horstmeier himself, a member of the Board of Directors of BMW AG, who recently spoke in an interview with the Italian media Quattroruote.

“First of all, we operate in the premium market segment. So there is a difference between customers, they are different from other segments. But we focus on the entire range of models. We don’t just focus on the high-end. We want to offer our clients from Series 1 to the most elite Rolls-Royce. That’s why we have offers for customers from all segments. I believe that everyone should have the opportunity to buy a BMW in the premium segment,” said the person in charge during his interview.

BMW Neue Klasse

With this comment, the manager confirms that BMW will continue working with the 1 Series beyond the current generation, which was presented in 2019. By next year 2024, it is expected to receive a tune-up in all sections. This should mean that the new generation will not make an appearance until at least 2028. At that time BMW should present a hypothetical i1, continuing the trend of nomenclatures in the range.

This new BMW Series 1 (or i1) will arrive to rival the future Audi A3 e-tron that the brand should market in the coming years. Regarding its second rival, the Mercedes A-Class, at the moment it is not expected that the star brand will launch an electric substitute soon since the company wanted to do without it and put the CLA as its access model.

On the other hand, it is still too early to specify what mechanics this model could adopt, although it could be clear that it will have different power levels and a sportier variant with a tune-up by M. One of the elements that could incorporate are new batteries with better range and lower weight and production cost.

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