CANOO PICK-UP 2023: 100% Electric & Versatile

Canoo is a small American firm that is trying to break into the electric vehicle market with innovative solutions. Its latest project is a small versatile pick-up, which is already the third vehicle developed on a 100% in-house electric technical basis.

The objective of the small manufacturer Canoo, based in Los Angeles, California (USA), is to offer innovative and efficient 100% electric mobility solutions. The new vehicle developed by the young brand is inspired by the lifestyle of Americans, who have a strong taste for pick-up type utility vehicles. This form of bodywork sells very well locally, with the ability to ensure work during the week, by transporting equipment for example, but also to go exploring or camping on weekends. This is exactly what the Canoo electric pickup offers, with plenty of storage tips and thoughtful equipment that is as useful as it is practical.

CANOO PICK-UP 2023 Design


Design level, no matter how hard we try to defend Canoo’s small electric pickup, we can’t help but compare it to a sort of giant egg to which we would have grafted a loading dumpster at the back. It also recalls the small Asian utility vehicles of the Mitsubishi Fuso type in a futuristic version, in short, you will understand, it is not a unanimous success. If the manufacturer intends to offer with this vehicle a “green” alternative to the Ford F-150 and other Dodge Rams, it still has some way to go to make a place for itself in the hearts of American customers.

The dimensions of the electric pick-up remain lower than the absolute references mentioned above, with a length of 4.68 m which can reach 5.40 m with an ingenious bucket extension system (loading long objects). Its 2.85 m wheelbase allows it to be firmly planted on its wheels, pushed back to all four corners, while its width of 1.98 m (excluding mirrors) and its height of 1.92 m make it comparable to pickups. most common ups in the States.

Up to 320 km of autonomy


This Canoo electric pick-up is distinguished by many intelligent solutions guaranteeing optimal modularity. Behind the grille at the front, for example, a small trunk is hidden, while retractable steps incorporating various storage can be deployed on the sides of the vehicle to facilitate access to the 1.63 m by 1.82 m bucket ( 1.63 out of 2.60 with the extension). The sidewalls of the latter can also tilt to form side tables. Power outlets, various LED lights, a sturdy roof rack, and even an adaptable camping cell on the tipper are also offered on this real rolling Swiss Army knife.


Engine level, Canoo evokes the possibility of opting for a single-engine placed at the rear or two engines (all-wheel drive) for a total power of up to 600 hp and a maximum torque of 745 Nm. A battery of unknown capacity would allow offering the pick-up up to more than 320 km of autonomy while guaranteeing a loading capacity of up to 850 kg. Coming to the end of its development, the Canoo pick-up will be available to order in the USA from the second quarter of 2021 and deliveries will begin from 2023.

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