Charging Prices Rise For Electric Cars

The users of thermal vehicles became the mockery of the users of electric cars due to the recent rise in prices that has affected both gasoline and diesel. However, we all know that the price of electricity, in the context of the energy crisis we are experiencing, has also risen in price. So the prices of refills have not been long in coming. Iberdrola, Zunder, Weena, and a few others have already set new higher prices.

In recent months, it has been common to find publications on social networks of electric car users laughing at drivers of diesel and gasoline vehicles. The rise in fuel prices has led to paying more than 2 euros for each liter of fuel, and it seemed funny to some. But yes, indeed, the energy crisis is similarly affecting everyone. And while the price of electricity has also risen sharply,  electric car charger operators have taken action and raised charging prices.

Prices of charging stations

Zunder has already informed its users of a  30% increase in the price of some of its rates. With this movement, those who previously paid  €0.30/kWh will now start paying  €0.39/kWh at their charging stations. And in reality, this operator continues to maintain remarkably low rates. But, cheap or not, the truth is that its price has increased considerably and we should not rule out more price increases in the future.

Iberdrola was one of the first companies to modify its rates, making them go from  €0.39/kWh, which it previously offered as a price, to  €0.45/kWh. And another major operator, such as  Wenea, has also announced a price increase. Previously it had a rate of  €0.39/kWh and now it has started to serve its energy at charging points of 50 kW of power at  €0.42/kWh.

Electric car charging

These prices for charging an electric car are still lower than refueling a gasoline car, or a diesel. The price per kilometer traveled continues to be favorable to the electric car. However, the energy crisis is affecting any type of mobility, and price increases have not been long in coming.

Any electric car user knows perfectly well that the best option is to charge at home. Although the charging time will be longer, the cost of recharging will always be lower. And as time goes by, and the market penetration of this type of vehicle increases, we will surely see even greater differences.

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