Chrysler plans to launch a new electric SUV for 2025

The once proud US brand Chrysler is currently only a shadow of its former self. Only the Pacifica van and the aging Chrysler 300 sedan are still on offer. In 2021, shortly after merging with Stellantis, the brand presented a stylish electric car as a near-production study: the Airflow.

Two years later, it looks like something could come of the car after all, even if not immediately. Chrysler boss Christine Feuell said yesterday that they wanted to bring an electric SUV with two rows of seats onto the market in 2025. The STLA-Large platform will be the basis for the model. The design is inspired by the Chrysler Airflow Concept, reports Reuters.

The Airflow’s body shape is vaguely reminiscent of the Polestar 2. When the study was presented at CES in early 2022, it was said that the production version would come onto the market in 2025 – so the plans have not changed. At the time, Chrysler did not provide any information about the size. STLA-Large supports mid- to high-end models. This should include lengths of around 4.70 to 5.40 meters.

The Jeep Wagoneer S, which is also scheduled to launch in 2025, will also be based on the STLA-Large platform. The idea is that the two newcomers will be sister models. Stellantis had already provided quite detailed information about STLA-Large in 2021. Ranges of up to 800 km should be possible. Unknown models from Alfa Romeo and Maserati will also be based on the platform. The Peugeot Inception study was also based on this platform, so a Peugeot equivalent is also planned. The study was a four-door coupé-limousine with sporty shapes:

Chrysler Airflow

Chrysler is also considering a new sedan as production of the second-generation Chrysler 300, which was introduced in 2011, is gradually being phased out. It is still unclear how big the limousine should be, says Feuell. A study of the sedan will be presented at the beginning of 2024; The manager did not provide any further details.

The first generation of the Chrysler 300 was on our market as the Chrysler 300C, the second as the Lancia Thema. As mentioned, its production is coming to an end. The Chrysler Pacifica was sold as the Chrysler Voyager until 2016. According to Feuell, the Chrysler Pacifica will be offered as a plug-in hybrid “by the end of the decade.” We don’t know how this fits with Chrysler’s plan to become a purely electric brand from 2028 – the plug-in Pacifica may expire in 2028. 

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