Denmark closes all hydrogen refueling stations

The commitment to light transport using hydrogen vehicles does not stop receiving bad news, and last week we saw how car sales did not stop going down, we also saw some of the reasons, the high cost of refueling. Now another piece of news alerts us to where the technology is going in the short term, and that is that Denmark will close all its hydrogen refueling stations.

This is indicated by the Energiwatch portal, which has indicated that the company in charge of the country’s infrastructure, which was expected to reach 19 stations in 2024, will close its operations. According to the press release of the Danish company « The production of green hydrogen in Denmark is not yet ready. Neither electrolysis, tankers nor stations have been mature enough as expected when we launched our ambitions. This, combined with the fact that there has been no volume from vehicle manufacturers, has made it difficult to find the business model for the operation of hydrogen stations »

This measure will affect a fairly small number of users, and it is estimated that there are currently 136 hydrogen-powered vehicles in the country, of which the vast majority are shared cars and taxis. The last hydrogen car for private use was registered in January 2022, and with this, there have been only 10 units in the hands of owners who are not professionals or companies.

hydrogen refueling stations

Toyota is one of the few manufacturers that offer these vehicles. Regarding this news, the Danish division of the Japanese brand has indicated that «It is a step backward for the climate. The situation is undoubtedly unfortunate for everyone, but of course mainly for customers who have chosen a hydrogen vehicle because other zero-emission technologies cannot meet their mobility needs. Toyota remains firmly committed to continuous development. of hydrogen technology, and hydrogen development in several other countries in Europe continues at high speed and with strong political and financial support. The latest events in Denmark and neighboring countries only show that it is crucial to have financial support to start the positive path of one of the zero-emission technologies necessary for the future: hydrogen »

Toyota has indicated that it will be attentive to customers who have opted for a hydrogen model to try to find the best solution to this situation.

Meanwhile, sales of electric cars are skyrocketing

We can compare this situation with the sales dynamics of battery-powered electric cars, which last August managed to reach a very important milestone, and with 4,772 units registered, Denmark has achieved a sales quota for electric cars of 35%. and more than 45% if we add plug-in hybrids.

A loud and clear signal of where the light transport market is moving, which has turned its back on hydrogen.

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