BYD confirms that it will sell its plug-in hybrids in Europe

BYD arrived in Europe last year and did so with a small range of pure electric cars that, little by little, it has been expanding with new models. And last year reported that BYD was testing its plug-in hybrids in Europe. We also warned that they were preparing the ground to sell these models with a PHEV engine in Europe and now, indeed, the brand has officially confirmed it. The first to be sold in the Old Continent, and we expect that it will also be sold in Europe– among other countries – will be the  BYD Seal U DM-i, a model that competes directly with the Tesla Model Y in its pure electric version.

At the 2024 Geneva Motor Show, which takes place at the end of February, BYD will show the BYD Seal U DM-i as the first model with a plug-in hybrid engine that will be available later in the European market. In addition, the BYD Tang 2024, an update of its 7-seater SUV model, will also be presented there. At the same event, they will show the European public, for the first time, the models of their sub-brands Yang and Denza. Regarding Denza, by the way, we also commented last year that there was a possibility that they would start selling their models in Europe throughout 2024, although I am sure that it has not yet been officially confirmed.

New plug-in hybrid models in Europe and the BYD Dolphin Mini are just around the corner

Although the BYD Seal U DM-i will be the brand’s first plug-in hybrid car to be marketed in Europe, we can be sure that it is only the beginning. Launching into the European market to conquer it, and betting only on electric cars, was already perceived as risky from the first minute the Asian brand set foot on the Old Continent. In their local market, which is China, it has already been seen that how they have become world leaders in plug-in vehicles has been, precisely, by having a strong deployment of PHEV models.

We still do not know if the BYD Seal U DM-i will arrive with the same configuration with which it is already sold in China, although under the name BYD Song Plus DM-i. If so, what we can expect is that it offers 1,105 km of maximum combined range and an average consumption of only 5.1 L/100 km in NEDC. This is with a mechanic that combines a 1.5-liter turbocharged gasoline engine with an electrical system with an 18.3 kWh battery. It claims a range in pure electric mode of more than 100 km, accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in just 8.3 seconds, and offers 307 HP of maximum combined power.

BYD Song Plus

And meanwhile, the one that is also expected to be a surprise at the 2024 Geneva Motor Show is the BYD Dolphin Mini. This new model is, in reality, the international version of the BYD Seagull, which has already landed in several Latin American markets to start marketing imminently. Although they have not confirmed anything from the brand, it is expected that this cheap electric car, which with aid should stay below 20,000 euros, will also arrive in Europe imminently to compete with the Dacia Spring and the Citroën ë-C3.

With the arrival of its plug-in hybrids, starting with the BYD Seal U DM-i, the Asian brand will surely be able to significantly lower its prices. And not only that but also adapt to the broader needs of the European public. As I mentioned before, these types of mechanics make up a good part of the brand’s sales in China, and they are what have driven BYD to surpass Tesla globally.

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