This electric SUV is €4,000 cheaper and more powerful than its rivals

The  Hyundai KONA  is a reference model in its segment and yes, it is an excellent purchase option. But there are cheaper alternatives, the model in question is one of the most striking cases. Especially because it is a premium SUV, with an interior that overflows with quality and has truly complete equipment. In this case, I am talking to you not about any version, but about the electrical configuration of the new Hyundai KONA, and indeed there is a Volvo model that has just been released and can already be purchased for 4,000 euros less even though it offers almost double the power.

We must be fair and recognize that the electric Hyundai KONA has a body of  4.35 meters in length, however, the  Volvo EX30 only reaches  4.23 meters in length. The difference in dimensions is not exaggerated, but the Swedish model is smaller and that explains why, for example, the South Korean has  466 liters of trunk capacity and, however, the  Volvo EX30 has to settle for 318 liters. But this is probably the only point where the electric Hyundai KONA can stand out against this new and interesting rival.

It only costs €27,000, the Volvo EX30 is €4,000 cheaper than the electric Hyundai KONA, but it is premium and much more powerful

The first thing to make clear is that this groundbreaking price at which the Volvo EX30 is available right now, which starts its rates at just  27,000 euros, has to do with the strong discount of 9,770 euros that the brand keeps active. But come on, a good part of it corresponds to the maximum amount of the MOVES III Plan. For its part, the electric Hyundai KONA starts at a minimum of 31,740 euros and also has a discount of 9,210 euros. As you will see now, the reality is that the features of the Volvo EX30, beyond the fact that it is premium, and this is perfectly noticeable in its interior, are above.

Volvo EX30

The cheapest  Volvo EX30, for 27,000 euros, has a 272 HP electric motor connected to a battery with  51 kWh energy storage capacity. And yet, the cheapest configuration in the Hyundai KONA electric range uses a  156 HP electric motor. No, it does not double its power, but it is close to doing so, and the Hyundai model also has a  48 kWh battery that is clearly above it. Of course, the KONA’s ‘small’ engine serves to achieve greater efficiency that translates into more range approved under the WLTP cycle.

In these access versions, which are the cheapest of both models, the  Volvo EX30 approves a maximum of  344 kilometers of range and, however, the electric Hyundai KONA reaches up to  377 kilometers. Here the difference is not exaggerated either, but neither of the two has much range and the advantage lies with the Hyundai model. And it should be noted that, with the 218 HP engine, and with a 65 kWh battery, there is a KONA configuration that reaches up to  514 kilometers.

In the Volvo EX30 range, the configuration that offers the most range reaches 480 km WLTP  and does so with a  69 kWh battery, but maintaining the same 272 HP electric motor. The version that offers the best features, within its catalog, is a configuration with two electric motors and therefore also offers all-wheel drive, that reaches up to  428 HP of power with a range of  460 km in the WLTP cycle, maintaining that same 69 kWh battery.

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