Tesla confirms Model Y Juniper will not arrive in 2024

Last year  Tesla had some problems because the constant leaks surrounding the Tesla Model 3 Highland caused sales of the previous version of the model to slow down even despite the strong price drops they carried out. This reaction from their customers didn’t hurt their bottom line, but it was notable, and the same thing was starting to happen right now with the Tesla Model Y. In this case, it is more worrying because, remember, the Tesla Model Y was the best-selling car in the world last year 2023, so losing sales with this model is something that the American brand cannot play with. So they have come out to make it clear that the Tesla Model Y Juniper will not arrive in 2024.

How have they done it? With an internal communication to its sales staff in North America. In recent days, information had already arrived from China indicating that the  Tesla Model Y Juniper would not be available this year in the Asian country. However, it could have been an exclusive decision for that market, since we already saw with the Highland that, for example, it arrived in North America several months later. However, to this information that revealed that the Tesla Model Y Juniper will not yet arrive in China, is added the email from Tesla in which the company invites its own sales staff in North America to communicate clearly and transparently to its customers. that the Tesla Model Y Juniper will not arrive in 2024.

We will have to wait a little longer for the Tesla Model Y Juniper, now it is not expected to arrive until 2025 at the earliest

The decision to make this internal statement, which Tesla knows very well would take a short time to be made public, has to do with the fact that some customers were waiting to buy the  Tesla Model Y due to the suspicion that the Tesla Model Y Juniper could arrive imminently. Indeed, they were beginning to see that sales were slowing down, so the company has decided to put its salespeople on alert so that they can directly inform their customers that  ‘no update will arrive for the Tesla Model Y this year. ‘

In principle, this should not affect the availability of the Tesla Model Y Juniper in Europe because this model is manufactured in North America for North America, at the Fremont and Austin plants. As we mentioned previously, the Tesla Model 3 Highland arrived in North America late compared to its availability in China, after having updated Giga Shanghai. Now, it is true that the  Giga Berlin production plant, on which the production of Model Y for Europe depends,  depends on China for the supply of some components. So it is to be expected that it will not be launched in Europe until it also happens in China.

Tesla Model Y

There in China, by the way, an update was made in November 2023 with which the configurable RGB ambient lighting system for the cabin was introduced, like the one found in the Tesla Model 3 Highland. In addition, in this slight revision of the Tesla Model Y for China, a new design for the aerodynamic caps of the 19-inch Gemini wheels was also introduced. So, although the price reduction of the Tesla Model Y has been carried out in China and the United States, although it is known that the Juniper is in development, does not mean that it will arrive during the year 2024.

‘We must communicate transparently that there will be no update to the Tesla Model Y that will arrive this year,’  is what Tesla said in the statement in question, and this dispels any possibility that the Tesla Model Y Juniper will arrive in 2024 to the market. At the moment it is not possible to say with certainty when it will be available, but we will have to think about the year 2025 at the earliest.

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