Tesla prepares the largest Supercharger in the world

For many years we have been hearing from critics of the electric car what will happen when there are millions of cars on the roads. That there will not be charging points for everyone and that the network will not be able to support it. But some examples allow us to show graphically and practically that this should not be a problem and that the technology is ready, it is just a matter of investment and vision. Something that brands like Tesla shine at.

And we can think that Tesla cars are not the best finished, that their after-sales service is very bad, and that they have few technical and sales centers. But if there is something where they manage to stand out, it is in their determined commitment to one of the pillars of the development of the electric car. The cargo network.

A network that has been one of the great bets on the part of the Americans, who have deployed the largest in the world, and which does not stop growing in number, but also in ambition with increasingly modern and capable stations.

An example is the Supercharger station which will become the largest in the world once completed. It will be located in the town of Kern County, California, and will consist of up to 164 charging points.

But this is only part of a vision that also includes aspects such as facilities for resting or for eating and drinking something, in addition to a location of the points designed to serve a wide variety of vehicles, from passenger cars to cars with caravans and even heavy models.

Tesla Supercharger

We can see this on the right side of the leaked plan, where we see 16 points placed in a different way than the rest, which allows a vehicle to be placed much longer than usual.

As many may have thought, 164 points represent an enormous amount of power needed, and although we think that it will practically never be 100% and that the power is not linear, the station will need at least 24 MW of power.

To prevent this from being a problem for the public electrical grid, Tesla will create a local microgrid made up of a set of batteries and a photovoltaic system. Something that will allow them, on the one hand, to mitigate the necessary power peak, and make the most of solar radiation by covering points and facilities that will serve customers.

Aspects that will result in a lower operating cost, and the reduction of the pressure that this mega station will exert on the local system.

An example of Tesla’s vision for charging, which will become one of the economic pillars of the future of the brand, which has always said that it is much more than a car manufacturer.

Lynda Reeder

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