The next Dodge Charger and Challenger will be electric

A spokesman for the American brand Dodge, belonging to the giant Stellantis, has confirmed that the two most iconic models in its range, the Charger, and Challenger, will become 100% electric in their next generations. This will be possible thanks to the bank of organs and platforms of the Franco-Italian-American group.

The transformation of these iconic muscle carsmaximum representatives of a way of understanding the automobile that is on the verge of extinction, perfectly exemplifies the radical change that the industry is experiencing today: not even North American sports cars, known for decades for their monstrous V8 engines, they will be immune to it.

According to the email sent by the brand’s spokesperson to the specialized media Motor1, the Charger and Challenger will not only lose the mythical V8 Hemi that currently drives their most powerful versions but all their variants with an internal combustion engine will be discontinued. ” The Hemi on that platform, as well as the platform itself, will be gone. The next generation will be BEV».

The platform in question is the Chrysler LX, which dates back to 2005. This architecture has undergone numerous evolutions over time (the Charger and Challenger use modified versions of it, called LD and LA, respectively); however, his long career will come to an end in the middle of the decade.

The Dodge Charger and Challenger will use the STLA Large platform

Everything indicates that future Chargers and Challengers will make use of the new STLA Large platform, a rear/all-wheel drive architecture designed for vehicles in the D (midsize), E (executive), and F (representation) segments with lengths between 4.70 and 5.5 meters. Initially, it will use some elements of Alfa Romeo’s Giorgio platform (steering, suspensions…).

Dodge Charger and Challenger
Dodge Charger and Challenger

Its batteries will have between 101 and 118 kWh, which will allow it to announce a maximum autonomy of 800 km WLTP. It will be compatible with two types of electric drive modules: one with 170-245 hp (125-180 kW) and another with 204-449 hp (150-330 kW). Thanks to the combined use of two or three modules, the most efficient models based on this base will be able to overcome the 1,000 CV barrier.

The STLA Large platform, which will be used by brands such as Alfa Romeo, Chrysler, Jeep, or Maserati, will also have an 800-volt electrical system, so it will offer very competitive charging times. Dodge has confirmed that its first 100% electric muscle car (likely the Challenger replacement) will launch in 2024.

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