Fox Mia 2.0 It will debut in 2023

Unusual, functional, and individual – that is MIA 2.0, a cheap electric car from Fox e-mobility. MIA should be able to be used for both passenger transport and deliveries. Production is planned for 2024. We have all the information for you.

The German company Fox e-mobility is launching an electric microvan with the Mia 2.0. It is a new edition of the old Mia from 2007 and should be compact, suitable for everyday use, and flexible. Both passenger and delivery traffic should benefit from Mia. Read on for more details.

  • Final Mia design presented
  • Start of production in 2024
  • 1,500 liters loading volume
  • 400 km range
  • Price under 20,000 euros

Exterior design

Mia is not pretty. Although the corners have been rounded and the Mia has given the Mia a very cute front with the large headlights, the look is still very angular and boxy. But you also want to be functional and practical with Mia, so the design then takes second place.

Fox Mia 2.0

The optics are not completely unknown to us. Hyundai has a similar concept on the market to Staria. Mia is intended to be used primarily as a commuter vehicle for city traffic, or as a transport variant for delivery services. The design is of course perfect for this because a lot can be loaded into a rectangle.

Specifications, engines, and range

The microvan is based on a platform concept called “Skateboard”. The development and production come exclusively from Europe and the decision was made for a robust, recyclable, and crash-proof substructure that can be flexibly extended to different wheelbases. So you can develop different Mia products or different versions, such as models for passengers or van options.

With a length of 3.2 meters, a lot fits into the Mia. This is confirmed when you see the loading volume of 1,500 liters. A weight of fewer than 1,000 kilograms seems ideal for city traffic because this keeps the vehicle maneuverable.

Fox Mia 2.0

Of course, the Mia drives electrically, and that with a maximum of 40 kWh. The microvan is powered by drives on the rear axle, with an output of 40 to 100 kW. A front motor delivers an additional 30 kW. The range is quite suitable for everyday use and is about 400 kilometers.

Fox Mia Interior

Inside, it looks very restrained and simple, but tidy. Everything is in one place and strongly focused on the person driving. You sit alone in the front, the passenger sits a little further back. This allowed you to position the steering wheel – it looks a bit like in an airplane – completely in the middle. It takes a little getting used to but makes sense.

Fox Mia 2.0 Interior

There is also a display in the middle behind the dashboard and there is an option to attach a smartphone or tablet to the left of the steering wheel. Cup holders for drinks are attached on the right.

The materials look very sustainable. The seats are gray fabric. The same fabric also runs across the dashboard, omitting the sides and then going up the pillars and extending across the entire headliner.

Fox Mia Prices and launch

This functional electric van could be a good addition because e-cars are particularly useful in the city. The production of prototypes is scheduled to take place in 2022, but series production is not planned until 2024. This date has changed frequently as we deal with the impact of supply shortages due to Covid 19.

According to the manufacturer’s last statement, Mia 2.0 should cost well under 20,000 euros – we’ll have to wait and see.

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