Nissan talks to Renault for electric car division

Nissan wants to partner with Renault in its new electric car division. However, the Japanese will seek to obtain a greater role in this alliance.

The Renault – Nissan alliance has been working properly for years. Both companies share numerous technological and mechanical sections and even some of their vehicles in general terms, such as the Nissan Townstar and Renault Kangoo vans. However, since Renault announced the division of its two departments (thermal cars and electric cars ), Nissan has been in talks with the French to negotiate its entry into the “zero emission” vehicle division

Last Tuesday, November 8, the Japanese company announced that they have not yet decided on whether to enter the electric car business with Renault since they are still studying whether this could be an effective benefit for them How would you carry out your participation? The leadership of Nissan thus seeks not only to associate with Renault by offering financial support for the development of these vehicles but also to be framed as a partner in manufacturing or obtaining essential raw materials

“We are considering investing in Renault’s new electric division, but first we must continue discussing the conditions and the possibilities of results in all possible situations,” the Japanese company’s board admitted in a recent statement. This alliance is expected to culminate in mutual benefit but also a new governance structure with directors from both parties. 

“The talks are going in the right direction, but we will take the necessary time to build this new chapter of the alliance that has brought so many benefits in recent years,” they said from the company of Japanese origin. 

Recently, Mitsubishi also stated that it is studying the possibility of entering Renault’s new electric car division. The Japanese company, too, has achieved great agreements with the French company in recent months, especially in the launch of new models for Mitsubishi, a good example of this is the renewed hybrid ASX or the next Mitsubishi Colt, which will essentially be a Renault Clio. 

Renault captur e-tech

Renault, it’s executive president, Luca de Meo, has already pointed out that the firm’s intention is for them to control 80% of the value chain of its electric division before 2030, thus leaving the door open for the arrival of new agreements. with other brands to get the remaining 20%. Two manufacturers that could be the ones to get this piece of cake would be Mitsubishi and Nissan (especially). The French have already warned that they are looking to “co-invest and co-create” in electric mobility

Among the agreements would be the development and manufacture of batteries, electric motors, and other essential components for the launch of their future jointly developed electric cars. Although, according to the latest comments previously mentioned by Nissan, the Japanese would seek to increase their presence in this association through a greater role in their technology and strategic decisions.

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