Opel Experimental EV concept debut with stylized design

Opel’s main novelty during the next Munich Motor Show, which will be held from September 5 to 10, will be the recently presented Experimental prototype, a striking 100% electric crossover that will mark the aesthetic path that future launches of the firm will follow. of lightning.

Although Opel has not confirmed it, everything indicates that the Experimental is a conceptual preview of the SUV that will replace the current Grandland. This model, which will recover the mythical name Manta, will be located between the C (compact) and D (medium) segments.

The Opel Experimental has a “coupé”-like profile, with a fastback-like roof drop. The company has eliminated all the chrome from the body and has replaced the mirrors with 180º cameras that are integrated into the C-pillar, which gives the vehicle a more techie and avant-garde look.

The well-known Opel Vizor (whose 4D version now integrates vision technologies such as radar, cameras, and LiDAR) is complemented by the new Opel Compass lighting signature, made up of two light axes that cross the front vertically and horizontally. This resource, which is reminiscent of a compass, also occurs at the rear.

Opel Experimental

The new Opel Manta will be the brother of the next Peugeot 3008

Thanks to the electronic steering, which is lighter than conventional steering, the steering wheel can be folded onto the dashboard when not needed. The adaptive seats combine a lightweight and durable structure with 3D mesh technology fabrics. The user can customize the information according to their needs in the Tech Bridge, a reinterpretation of the Pure Panel of current Opel that uses augmented reality technology, artificial intelligence, and natural voice control.

The Opel Manta will share the development with the new Peugeot 3008 since both will be based on the STLA Medium modular platform of the Stellantis group. Therefore, it will be available with two batteries (60 and 86 kWh capacity), being able to offer a maximum range of approximately 600 km WLTP. Its top-of-the-range version will receive the surname GSe and will yield 388 CV (285 kW).

Opel Experimental interior

“The Opel Experimental offers a glimpse into upcoming models and technologies, future design, even a new era, and the future of the brand. This impressive concept car represents a guiding light and once again shows Opel’s pioneering spirit,” says Opel CEO Florian Huettl.

Mark Adams, vice president of design, adds for his part that “our new Opel Experimental offers a more extreme interpretation of our Bold and Pure design philosophy. It shapes our vision of the future. Many of its design elements and the mindset behind it will be visible in future production vehicles. The exterior design offers optimized aerodynamic performance in combination with an impressive silhouette, while the interior offers an immersive and emotional user experience.”

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