Peugeot released the first images of the highly anticipated e-3008

The conversion to an SUV had a tremendous impact on the popularity of the Peugeot 3008. Its second generation now arrives loaded with new features and stands out as a very technological electric vehicle. We are possibly facing one of the most important releases of this year. The Peugeot 3008 has gone through multiple stages throughout its commercial life. It was born as a multipurpose minivan focused on families, but in a few years, the French converted it into an SUV. A move that has made it one of the best-selling models on the market in Europe. Its second generation as an SUV now arrives with a long list of important new features, highlighting the presence of the new Peugeot e-3008, the 100% electric variant.

This does not mean that Peugeot is going to get rid of the entire range that we have known up to now of the popular French SUV, but the fact that the electric model is the first to make an appearance demonstrates the prominence given to the version that is destined to be one of the best sellers in the category. It will have important rivals before it, highlighting the Tesla Model Y as the main one of them. A very attractive design that we have just learned about will play in its favor. The rest of the information will come later.

According to Peugeot itself, we are facing the next level in terms of design. The 3008 gets rid of its usual proportions to embrace a design concept that we already saw months ago with the arrival of the new Peugeot 408. The Gauls define them as a fastback SUV, although it can also be easily confused with a conventional coupe SUV. The key lies in the last third of the car. The roof line descends elegantly from the C-pillar to reach the rear where a large trunk lid stands out. The e-3008 uses resources already common in the industry, such as the black mask that unites the main optical groups.

Peugeot e-3008

A few weeks ago we were able to see a preview of the final design of the second generation of the Peugeot 3008, although at that time the body was densely covered in vinyl. What we did know was the interior. Once again the house has its now famous i-Cockpit. An exclusive driving position that stands out for the low position of the steering wheel. In this case, the interior presentation is completely different from any other model in the house. The usually divided screens disappear to give way to a single large curved panel that brings together the instrumentation and the main screen of the multimedia system. 

Peugeot e-3008

Designers are committed to unifying concepts and improving the quality of the presentation. Additionally, a touch panel is maintained on the center console that includes quick access to the main functions. The official presentation will not take place until September 12. In just a few days we will be able to know all the news in terms of equipment and safety, as in habitability. Peugeot is expected to deliver all its technology as it is the most important launch of the course. It will have all the offers available for the new STLA-Medium platform.

Peugeot e-3008 interior

The e-3008 will be the first model from the house to enjoy it. It is an architecture designed to be capable of housing different mechanical solutions, in this case, a 100% electric model for which no data has been revealed. Some time ago, Peugeot assured that it would offer excellent performance as well as outstanding range, between 500 and 700 kilometers depending on the version selected thanks to different batteries with a maximum capacity of 98 kWh. The 400-volt structure will allow charging times that allow you to go from 0 to 80% in just 25 minutes.

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