Best-selling SUV is the same price as the Tesla Model Y and has more range

Stellantis has not only made the first splash with the recently presented Citroën ë-C3 but also promises another 'blow' to the market with the launch of the first electric car based on the STLA-Large platform

If the Tesla Model Y succeeds the way it does, it is for no other reason than the relationship between its price and factors as important as its size, its SUV-type body, and range. No other electric SUV has been able to match what Tesla proposes with its best-selling electric car, but now a new model has arrived that will make things difficult for the American model and, contrary to what happens with all the models that arrive lately on the market, it is not Chinese.

It is the Peugeot 3008 in its electric version e-3008, a model that in its previous generation has embodied the role of Peugeot’s most successful car in recent years, something that the brand has taken advantage of to project the shadow of this success on the next generation and thus promote it commercially.

In reality, the new e-3008 is located one segment below the Tesla Model Y, since we are dealing with a C-SUV and D-SUV, respectively, but the Frenchman has been the only model capable of surpassing the most competitive proposition. aggressive of the American within the market niche that makes up SUV-type cars and electric motors: the relationship between price and range.

The most affordable version of the Tesla Model Y costs 46,990 euros in Europe right now. With its 4.75 meters in length and more than 850 liters of trunk space, the Model Y uses a battery with a useful capacity of 60 kWh and a 299 HP electric motor that achieves a range of 455 kilometers.

The e-3008 has just been launched on the market with, for now, only one variant in its range, the standard one, which is precisely the most affordable. Using a 73 kWh capacity battery and a 210 HP electric motor, the e-3008 achieves 525 kilometers of range in exchange for a price of 46,660 euros.

Peugeot e-3008

What’s more, taking into account the range that the Tesla Model Y with greater range is capable of covering, 533 kilometers, and its starting price of 53,400 euros, the most basic version of the e-3008 not only puts the Model Y in trouble basic, but also that of Great range. And this is not the version of French that will have the most range.

And, as has already been confirmed by Peugeot, two more versions of the e-3008 will arrive later, among which there will be one with a 97 kWh capacity battery that will be approved for no less than 700 kilometers on a full charge.

Leaving aside future versions, the current advantages of the Peugeot over the Tesla are clear. The Model Y stands out in power and interior space, especially in terms of cargo capacity, as well as in technology thanks to a display of equipment that barely gives rise to options and a much superior infotainment system. The Frenchman will stand out for a much more elaborate interior and with better materials than the Model Y, as well as its range.

Also, for those more reluctant to change, the fact of being part of a traditional manufacturer will make the Peugeot e-3008 much more attractive than a car from a new manufacturer like Tesla, which also receives a lot of criticism for the reliability of its cars.

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