Volvo and Polestar owner launches electric sedan that’s better than Tesla Model S

Geely, who in addition to being the owner of Volvo and Polestar, is also co-owner of Smart, is about to release the  Geely Galaxy E8. They will do so starting on November 17 at the Guangzhou Motor Show 2023, although its commercial launch will take place at the end of this year, and it is a 5.01-meter-long model that stands out for its saloon  -type body. fastback with a really attractive rear. It is slightly larger than a  Tesla Model S and, in certain specific aspects, it aims to be a more complete proposal and, on top of that, with extraordinary features as an electric car.

Like many other models from Geely itself, Volvo, and Polestar, the  Geely Galaxy E8 is built on the  SEA platform and is positioned due to its dimensions between medium and large sedans. It measures no less than  5.01 meters long, so it is slightly larger than the Tesla Model S, although just barely, and it is also  1.92 meters wide and a remarkable 1.46 meters high. Its wheelbase is 2.92 meters and it will be launched in six different body colors. Now, in terms of its design, the most striking thing is its fastback-type grease fitting with some other touches of sportiness, all combined with reference aerodynamics within its category.

Geely Galaxy E8 from the owner of Volvo with a design that will make you fall in love

We are talking about the  Geely Galaxy E8 having an aerodynamic coefficient of 0.199 Cx,  so it improves the 0.20 Cx of the Mercedes-Benz EQS and also the 0.208 Cx of the Tesla Model S. Compared to Chinese rivals such as the MI L7 (0 .21 Cx) or the NIO ET7 (0.208 Cx) is also much better, so it is clear that one of the technical aspects on which they have worked the most is its sporty silhouette and its extraordinary aerodynamics.

Geely Galaxy E8

But not only does its exterior design stand out, which among other things can boast high-performance  LED headlights with 158 lighting diodes. Inside the  Geely Galaxy E8, we also find  ‘the latest’ with a  giant 45-inch screen that crosses practically the entire dashboard. And, by the way, it has the functions of a standard digital instrument panel, a central multimedia screen, and a specific entertainment area for the co-pilot. It is a huge screen with a 1,130 x 138 mm display and a thickness of only 9.8 mm, it is anti-fingerprint, anti-reflection, waterproof, and dust-proof. A technology that we may soon see in Polestar and Volvo models.

This screen has  8K resolution, by the way, and integrates a next-generation Qualcomm Snapdragon 8295 SoC. It is also complemented by a  Head-Up Display with augmented reality and a 25.6-inch display-diagonal. The Geely Galaxy E8 also has an operable panoramic roof and an  RGB ambient lighting system with 256 configurable colors. Of course, at a technological level, and due to its surprising interior, it aims to set a  new benchmark within the segment, taking ahead the simple and minimalist Tesla Model S. Now, we will have to see it closely when it is presented in a matter of a few days.

Geely Galaxy E8

Regarding the electrical part, the access versions come with a  400 V architecture for their electrical system, which supports a configuration with  272 HP extracted from a rear electric motor. The motor, in this case, is powered by a  battery with a 62 kWh energy storage capacity with  LFP cells, an NEDC range of  550 km, and a maximum speed of  190 km/h. Above there is another version with the same engine, but a 76 kWh battery, which will give  665 km of maximum range.

It will also be sold in a version with two electric motors on an 800 V architecture. In this case, the front electric motor is  224 HP and the rear is  421 HP, together with a  76 kWh battery to offer a maximum range of  665 km according to the NEDC cycle and with a maximum speed of  210 km/h. It can recover, by the way,  180 km of range in 5 minutes of connection to the charger. And in this more technical section, the Tesla Model S indeed has much higher configurations in its range.

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