VW ID.6 2022: First Look, Photos & Details

Volkswagen plans to launch a full range of electric cars over the next five years. In addition to compact, urban and other SUVs, the family will expand with the VW ID.6. A large SUV that will come to offer a more familiar alternative and that already rolls in its pre-production version on the roads.

This unit has been hunted by the Chinese media, and it is the last sighting of this model that allows us to see the proposal already without any camouflage, which indicates how close its arrival is, and that it will be manufactured at first in China. , from where it will be exported to the whole world.

In the published photos we can see elements such as its wide wheel arches, which will become one of the hallmarks of this proposal and that accentuate its SUV appearance.

This will be presented throughout 2021, with its launch in China scheduled for the end of that year, while its arrival in Europe and the United States will take place throughout 2022.

VW ID.6 2022
VW ID.6 2022

Until now we knew that the VW ID.6 would sit on the MEB platform, which will allow it to take advantage of the wide wheelbase to house large-capacity batteries. Although at the moment it has not been officially confirmed, according to the Chinese media there will be a 77 kWh version, about 450 km WLTP, which will be the access, while the most capable will reach 111 kWh. Enough to exceed 600 kilometers of WLTP autonomy.

It will also be a powerful model, with configurations, also to be confirmed, between 225kW (306 hp) and 300kW (409 hp) in both cases with two engines and four-wheel drive.

One of the strengths of this model will be its competitive price. Although it will be placed in the Audi E-Tron and Tesla Model X segment, its production in Foshan (China) in a plant operated jointly with the Chinese group FAW, will allow it to access a more economical production, which will affect a price that It will be around 55,000 or 60,000 euros. Much less than its main segment rivals.

An VW ID.6 that will also have a large interior space, where we can find configurations of up to seven seats, and a gigantic trunk. Elements that will be completed with the efficient Volkswagen fast-charging system, which will allow you to access powers of up to 150 kW.

Another alternative for a market that in the next two years will experience a strong take-off in terms of variety, something that will result in more alternatives for customers and therefore more sales.

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