Wisk Aero reveals first self-flying air taxi

The sixth generation of air taxis should be able to transport passengers up to 140 kilometers

The air taxi company has now reached the sixth generation of its aircraft. At this stage, the flying taxi is so far developed that it should be able to transport up to four people independently without a pilot on board.

The sixth generation is an electric aircraft that can take off and land vertically, a so-called eVOTL. VOTL stands for “vertical takeoff and landing”. In a press release, the company said Generation 6 is “the first-ever candidate for FAA type certification of an autonomous eVTOL.”

The FFA is the Federal Aviation Administration. Their consent is required if Wisk wishes to transport passengers as part of a commercial Flugatxi service.

The air taxi can do that

Generation 6 is on the move. According to Wisk, it can reach speeds of up to 120 knots, which corresponds to around 220 kilometers per hour. The taxi has a range of around 140 kilometers with reserves.

Up to four passengers including hand luggage can be accommodated on board. In addition, services such as Wifi and wireless charging of the smartphone should be integrated. The air taxi is controlled by autopilot. So there is no human pilot on board. All flights should be monitored from the ground. Ground pilots can take control of the aircraft at any time.

Wisk Aero flying air taxi

The flying taxi works with twelve propellers that lift it into the air. The company also has an eye on the costs. A taxi flight is said to cost $3 per mile per passenger.

Supported by Boeing and Kitty Hawk

Wisk has well-known investors on board. First, there’s Boeing, which has a wealth of experience designing and mass-producing aircraft. Kitty Hawk is also on board.

Kitty Hawk has been working on the development of flight taxis itself until recently. However, the company announced the end two weeks ago. Kitty Hawk was financed in part by Google co-founder Larry Page. The financial resources and expertise should now flow to Wisk.

Wisk Aero flying air taxi

For Wisk CEO Gary Gysin, Generation 6 is a big step: “In 2010, we set out to find a way to avoid traffic jams and get to our destination faster,” he said.

“This inspiration has evolved into a mission to make everyday flight safe for everyone. Over the past 12 years, we have pursued this mission through the development of five different generations of full-size aircraft. Our 6th generation aircraft is the result of years of hard work by our industry-leading team, learning from our previous generations of aircraft, dedication from our investors, and the development and evolution of technology.”

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