2022 Ford Expedition: First Look & Photos

Little is said about the larger SUVs. Fewer and fewer are being sold, and for the more progressive "thinkers" they have become dinosaurs. And boy is some of them, but not the Ford / Lincoln ones.

Ford Expedition 2022 is the proof that any vehicle can be modernized if the brand focuses on the most important and not on irrelevant nonsense (to whom the stone has hurt, say so), such as efficient engines, on-board technology, and assistance state-of-the-art security.

When I picked up the new 2022 Ford Expedition at Ford’s headquarters in Mexico City, I immediately asked myself: how am I going to get it out of this parking lot? It’s an XXL SUV, as is my clothing size, and I know from experience that full-size ones don’t feel comfortable in tight spaces … proportionally.

As the final checks were being made before I could drive off from level -3, I realized that Expedition Max is prepared to deal with its exaggerated dimensions. It has an automatic parking system, sensors everywhere, 360 ° cameras, automatic emergency brake, which also works to avoid recharging, and then I noticed that Ford did not miss any detail of functionality with this family vehicle.

The driving position is very high, even with the chair in its lowest position, the visibility is good and thanks to the height, the traffic condition can be observed with enough time to choose the correct lane in advance and make the journey more agile. He passed.

It barely fits in the lanes of most avenues, and parking lots challenge our driving skills. Now, all this is justified by the enormous interior space, three functional rows for 7 or 8 passengers, and there is still a large volume in the trunk for luggage, 1,019 liters minimum.

2022 Ford Expedition Interior

Having recently met the new Lincoln Navigator, I can say that the equipment is practically the same, even though it looks very different. Expedition does not pretend to be a premium SUV, however, it meets and exceeds comfort standards in every respect.

The easy-to-use SYNC3 infotainment system comes on and will continue to show off with clear, good resolution graphics on the touchscreen. Includes 3D maps, navigation, voice recognition that responds to “shortcuts” with simple commands, B&O sound with 12 premium speakers, 2 high-resolution second-row displays with independent audio, wireless headphones, HDMI and RCA input for consoles, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, 6 USB ports, 110 V plug, 3-zone climate control, panoramic roof, leather upholstery, rubber mats and good finishes that do come to present some squeaks if the pavement is abused.

Mechanical advantage

Ford was the first brand to use independent suspension in its SUVs. The result is a smooth ride, with good dynamic performance, an automatic adjustment in milliseconds, a solid chassis, and little intrusion into the interior of the cabin. Added to this is a good brake system with assists to maintain control in the event of a situation that requires sudden braking, and in addition to the traction and stability controls, the anti-roll sensor that, without challenging physics, keeps all 4 tires on the ground at all times.

2022 Ford Expedition

The EcoBoost engine continues to take the cake. The Expedition Max has extra punch, with 400 hp and 480 lb.-ft. of torque. If we allow ourselves to be carried away by the hiss of the turbo when building and releasing the air pressure, the consumption rises quickly, but at cruising speed, with the Stop & Go intelligent tracking control activated, the tank (over 100 liters) is kept wet longer.

The 10-speed transmission also suited the powertrain perfectly. In the city, it changes from 2 to 2 speeds. When exceeding 70 km / h any gear change becomes imperceptible, but the scale from 1 to 10 is always lit on the dashboard to know how much “leg” you have to put to pass, or how many changes we have left to relax the engine.

The driving mode selector of the Terrain Management system presents a strange order between Eco, Sport, and the different off-road modes, but it is enough to use it a couple of times to know that to the left is to spend less and to the right to run more. You can drive with the front axle disconnected (4×2), to save gasoline, and connect it in 4HI mode for when the weather demands it until you activate the gearbox to explore unpaved roads.

Land of giants

You will need a large garage to store an Expedition Max, but I assure you that the routes between narrow parking spaces are made safely, with a lot of available power, space for people or cargo, and with many comforts and luxury amenities.

If you are the one who takes the car for family vacations, I recommend this SUV or its similar ones, but Ford Expedition handles better, it can spend less gas, and it has more modern and functional equipment, in addition to some luxuries that before we only found in premium brands.

These three SUVs use V8 engines and there is no comparison in the modernity and functionality of the interior equipment, as well as the structure and the main construction material (aluminum), so Expedition Max offers better value for money, and a driving experience. worth remembering.

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